SANTA MONICA, CA – Advertisers are seeking to reach viewers who have shifted their time spent with media away from live linear television to streaming video on connected devices such as smart TVs. They face hurdles in using the same media-buying tools for television that they use for digital advertising.

“As media markets — particularly digital media markets — scale, we end up potentially with the same pitfalls that we had maybe 15 years ago as digital itself and online video was scaling,” Andy Hammond, senior director of advanced television at adtech company OpenX, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica 2023.

Marketers and media buyers want greater transparency into the connected TV marketplace, especially as they automate their workflows with real-time bidding (RTB) instead of traditional ways of buying television time.

“The advertisers, the buyers — they have a right to know where their campaigns are running, and they want it to be on high-quality broadcast television content as opposed to some of the other places,” Hammond said. “They were used to that transparency with linear television. They would make a buy ahead of time. They would know where the programming was going to be, that their ads were going to be running against.”

A key challenge for media buyers is managing the frequency of ads that appear in commercial breaks. To avoid showing the same ad to the same viewer too many times, a more holistic view of the media marketplace and viewer behavior are necessary.

“What we’re going to see is being able to measure incremental lift from connected TV campaigns as well as be able to measure more accurately reach and frequency, Hammond said. “As we continue to see advertisers put more and more of their budget into connected TV, we are then going to need to see this growth in scale beyond just one-to-one deals.”

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