Biddable CTV Delivers Value to Brands and Publishers: OpenX’s Andy Hammond

SAN JUAN, PR – The television advertising market is gradually become more automated as more buyers and sellers adopt software tools that have been used for years with digital display and online video. Amid the expansion of programmatic technology come more opportunities for real-time bidding on connected television ad placements. “Biddable connected TV is really […]


Transparency Will Help CTV Ad Marketplace to Grow: OpenX’s Andy Hammond

SANTA MONICA, CA – Advertisers are seeking to reach viewers who have shifted their time spent with media away from live linear television to streaming video on connected devices such as smart TVs. They face hurdles in using the same media-buying tools for television that they use for digital advertising. “As media markets — particularly […]


OpenX’s Journey To Net Zero: A Happy Accident With Big Impacts

CANNES — When you are an ad-tech firm in an industry waking up to the carbon impact of digital communications, how can you reach net zero? “We were able to achieve and reduce and meet our goal within five years. But it was a journey and it’s not a straightforward journey,” says Andy Hammond, Senior […]


OpenX Goes Net-Zero And Gets Closer To Publishers

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Amongst the copious terminology which is so commonplace in digital advertising, a new one joined the ranks over the last year. “Supply-side targeting” is reckoned to encompass the different ways in which ad-tech can enable targeting capabilities for publishers and around publishers’ own content or inventory, rather than audience-based targeting. […]