Cadent CEO Troiano On $342M AdTheorent Acquisition: Reducing Silos, Taking CTV Programmatic

In a sign of a once-more buoyant ad-tech M&A market, Cadent says it reached an agreement to purchases ad machine learning company AdTheorent for $343 million. Combined, the pair will have almost 1,000 advertisers across all main holding groups. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cadent CEO Nick Troiano, explains the rationale for the acquisition. […]


Don’t Overlook Easy: Cadent’s Yi Says Identity Starts At Home

SANTA MONICA — You could build complex infrastructure to correlate your CTV ad consumption back to households. Or you could start with an identity system that starts with households at the core. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cadent’s Tony Yi urges executives not to overlook the straightforward option. House in order Cadent provides software […]


‘I’ve Automated Myself’: Cadent’s Power Creates Self-Serve Efficiencies For TV Traders

LOS ANGELES — She spent several years at the world’s largest media agency, GroupM, so few people know the frustrations of media buyers better than Jamie Power. That’s why she is now helping agencies and publishers alike gain more efficiency for themselves, through workflow automation. In this video interview with Zach Rodgers for Beet.TV, Power, Chief […]


Act Now Or Miss The Window: Addressable TV Research Is ‘Call To Arms’

The promise of using data to bring precision to TV ad planning, coupled with the ability to laser-target ads at specific households, hang like shining incentives around addressable television. But new research undertaken by a team of sell-side TV companies and intermediary tech suppliers channels’ ad buyers concern and confusion. In this video interview with […]


Pandemic Response Requires Agility: Cadent’s Troiano

It was already a fast-changing media ecology, now the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to adapt to new circumstances even quicker. In Q2 2020, that seems to be the emerging wisdom from a wave of executives. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the boss of a company fresh out of acquiring a big ad-tech player […]


Cadent Rings In 2020 With 4INFO Acquisition

2020 has barely begun but, already, it looks like we are in another wave of ad-tech consolidation – this time, driven by the opportunity to make connected TV ad buying smarter about audience targeting. Cadent, a company helping deliver addressable ads to connected TV and data-driven ads to linear TV, announced it will acquire 4INFO, […]


Linear TV Will Light Up Addressable Ads: Cadent’s Krysczun

LONDON – The ability to precision-target TV ads at individual households – currently limited to a relatively small proportion of available broadcast time – will soon expand to the majority of inventory, according to one exec making it happen. Keith Kryszczun, president of global sales at Cadent, a technology company which enables the practice for […]


Unlocking National TV For Addressable: Cadent’s Michael Bologna

Nevermind the naysayers – addressable TV device capability is here, it’s real and it is rolled out at scale. Now vendors just want more TV shows to open up to run advanced ads. That is according to an executive who thinks critics of the emerging opportunity are wrong. Addressable TV, which gives brands the ability […]


Cadent’s Troiano Sees Big Growth In Addressable Television

Addressable television advertising has been mostly “a conduit or corollary to what happens in digital” in terms of being able to bring attribution and accountability to television, according to Cadent’s Nick Troiano. But things are changing on both the demand and supply side. The CEO of the advanced-TV platform cites pay-TV operators like Comcast, AT&T/Xandr […]


Addressable TV’s Growing Pains: Cadent, Dentsu, LiveRamp, Essence, Omnicom Discuss

SAN JUAN — It is the technology that can laser-target an ad at individual TV viewers or households, and then control how many more ads get seen across TV and other media. But what is the state of “addressable” television? A Beet Retreat panel convened by Beet.TV in Puerto Rico discussed that topic. Slow addressable […]


When Weighing Addressable TV, Think Value Not Complexity: Cadent’s Bologna

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—The advanced television train has left the station. And while the addressable TV car lacks certain systemic, logistical and executional amenities, testing addressable makes sense for at least half of all advertisers, says Mike Bologna, President, one2one media, Cadent. “What I think that we should focus on more is the value proposition […]


Cadent’s Kryszczun On Bridging The UK’s Addressable Gap

LONDON — For the UK’s main cable TV operator, targeted advertising was a long time coming. Although the cable distribution method, coupled with its use of a connected TiVo set-top box, seemed to offer distinct advantages, it was not until relatively recently that Virgin Media began offering addressable ad targeting capabilities. For that, it can […]


From The UK To Canada: Cadent’s Growing TV Connections

TORONTO — As Cadent’s technology powers the targeted-television advertising platform that pools the inventory of Sky and Virgin Media in the UK and Ireland, the company is busy helping to scale dynamic ad insertion in Canada. Among its tasks for Sky and Virgin are creating a “compliant, walled garden” to abide by GDPR privacy strictures, […]


Sorenson’s Offering Provides Addressable TV Diversity: one2one’s Bologna

Since they’ve controlled infrastructure, subscriber files and advertising inventory, MVPD’s have been the primary gatekeepers of the growing addressable television business. Enter Sorenson Media with its fledgling, smart-TV-based addressable ecosystem and you’ve got some diversity in the marketplace. That’s how Mike Bologna sizes up Sorenson’s “somewhat unique” position in the addressable marketplace in this interview […]


NCC Media Hopes Its National Addressable TV Push Will Fuel The Spot Market

While NCC Media’s newly announced division will work to advance the national addressable television market, it will employ the same principles—better data, targeting and measurement—to grow the spot TV business. “It’s important to point out that NCC’s traditional business in the spot marketplace is not going to go anywhere,” says Andrew Ward, VP, Comcast Media […]


New NCC Media Unit’s Goals: Scale, Consistency And Simplicity In National Addressable TV

When it launches in June, the new and as-yet unnamed division within NCC Media has three goals for the national addressable television marketplace: Scale, data consistency and simplicity. “From a scale standpoint, it’s critically important that we get beyond the boundaries of any single provider,” says Andrew Ward, VP, Comcast Media 360. NCC Media is […]


one2one Media A ‘One-Stop-Shop’ For National Addressable TV Scale

Every brand looks at the television business differently when trying to target specific audiences. But when they consider addressable TV advertising all of them see “a very fragmented marketplace,” says one2one Media President Mike Bologna. “We’re a one-stop-shop for national addressable scale,” Bologna adds in this interview with Beet.TV. “We package everything together.” To improve […]


Addressable Adds Transparency To Television, Says one2one Media’s Power

That addressable television will increase from 63 million cable and satellite households to 70 million by the end of 2018 is a big number. But behind the scenes, smart TV’s have the potential to optimize addressable campaigns in-flight. These trends will help to change the TV business “more in the next two years than it […]


Cadent Ramps Up Local Broadcast As Complement To Cable TV Inventory

What do you do when you’re the “800-pound gorilla” aggregating advertising inventory from some 200 MVPD partners? In the case of Cadent, you extend your reach to local television broadcasters to become a one-stop shop. As advertisers increasingly seek better audience targeting and efficiency, “The marketplace has kind of come our way,” says the company’s […]


Evolution Of Addressable Mirrors That Of Advanced TV: Cadent/one2one’s Troiano

Heading into this year’s television Upfronts, advanced TV targeting will become a bigger part of conversations between buyers and sellers, as it will a year from now. “A corollary to that is so will addressable,” says Nick Troiano. “We have knowledge and capabilities to essentially put dollars to work over three-, six-, twelve-month campaigns like […]

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