Cadent CEO Troiano On $342M AdTheorent Acquisition: Reducing Silos, Taking CTV Programmatic

In a sign of a once-more buoyant ad-tech M&A market, Cadent says it reached an agreement to purchases ad machine learning company AdTheorent for $343 million. Combined, the pair will have almost 1,000 advertisers across all main holding groups. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cadent CEO Nick Troiano, explains the rationale for the acquisition. […]


Act Now Or Miss The Window: Addressable TV Research Is ‘Call To Arms’

The promise of using data to bring precision to TV ad planning, coupled with the ability to laser-target ads at specific households, hang like shining incentives around addressable television. But new research undertaken by a team of sell-side TV companies and intermediary tech suppliers channels’ ad buyers concern and confusion. In this video interview with […]


Pandemic Response Requires Agility: Cadent’s Troiano

It was already a fast-changing media ecology, now the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to adapt to new circumstances even quicker. In Q2 2020, that seems to be the emerging wisdom from a wave of executives. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the boss of a company fresh out of acquiring a big ad-tech player […]


Cadent’s Troiano Sees Big Growth In Addressable Television

Addressable television advertising has been mostly “a conduit or corollary to what happens in digital” in terms of being able to bring attribution and accountability to television, according to Cadent’s Nick Troiano. But things are changing on both the demand and supply side. The CEO of the advanced-TV platform cites pay-TV operators like Comcast, AT&T/Xandr […]


Evolution Of Addressable Mirrors That Of Advanced TV: Cadent/one2one’s Troiano

Heading into this year’s television Upfronts, advanced TV targeting will become a bigger part of conversations between buyers and sellers, as it will a year from now. “A corollary to that is so will addressable,” says Nick Troiano. “We have knowledge and capabilities to essentially put dollars to work over three-, six-, twelve-month campaigns like […]


Five Years Out: How Data Will Change TV Ad Buying according to Nielsen, Cross MediaWorks, Turner & Sinclair

MIAMI — It is the “new oil” that is fuelling value creation in businesses across the world, and now the TV ad sales business is really getting its motor running on data. Advertisers’ own primary data, off-the-shelf datasets and more… a new world of viewer information has opened up to make TV ad targeting to […]


Addressable TV Market Will Double This Year, Troiano Says

CANNES — The market for addressable TV, the practice of using data to digitally target TV viewers over connected devices, could double this year, says one leader working in the space. Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview, Cross MediaWorks CEO Nick Troiano says the technology is rolling out well in local TV, and will eventually […]


Cadent’s Troiano: Let’s Talk Less About Automation, More About Value

MIAMI – Trying to “retrofit” television into digital is harmful because it devalues advertising inventory, according to the CEO of Cadent. Since the company’s rebranding a few years ago from TelAmerica, focusing on value along with direct-selling has helped to upend its customer base from overwhelmingly direct-response TV advertisers to mostly national brands, says Nick […]


BlackArrow’s President: ‘Dynamic Ad Insertion Will Change Ad Models’

Early in 2013, the press announced that DAI – dynamic ad insertion – was enabled across nearly 30 million homes, mostly in homes serviced by Comcast or Time Warner Cable, says Nick Troiano, president of BlackArrow, the San Jose, California-based provider of advanced advertising technology for New TV platforms. This type of advertising provides the engagement metrics associated […]