Brand Partnerships Underpin Retail Media’s Role in CTV: Albertsons’ Evan Hovorka

SAN JUAN, PR – Retailers that sell advertising can help brand marketers reach key audiences in their connected television campaigns. The role for retail media networks in marketing consumer packaged goods is similar to its place in other communications channels. “The challenge is the process for building creative, getting inventory aligned with our audiences and […]


Albertsons’ Horvoka Looks Ahead To Beet Retreat San Juan 2024

The upcoming Beet Retreat San Juan 2024, March 6 to 8, will hear from a constellation of media and advertising executives thrashing-out the latest strategies in retail media, connected TV and more. Ahead of the event, Evan Hovorka, VP, Product & Innovation, Albertsons Media Collective, which is sponsoring, explains why he thinks the Beet Retreat is […]


‘Standardization is the Future of Retail Media Networks’: Albertsons Media Collective

In a competitive market, retailers often like to forge their own path. In a digital media world that is increasingly fragmented, that could be a recipe for confusion. So the media wing of grocery chain Albertsons has taken a brave step, pushing for standardization across the burgeoning retail media arena. At Cannes Lions in June, […]


Albertsons’ New Media Network Does Data Integration In The ‘Co-Op Garden’

LAS VEGAS — One of the new crop of retail media networks is gung-ho for a new software category it thinks can allow it to prove the worth of CPG brands’ ad spend. Grocery chain Albertsons Companies, which launched Albertsons Media Collective in 2021, is using “clean room” technology, which allows partners to collaborate using […]


Roundel’s Hovorka: Tech Companies Need Humility When Working with Brands

SAN JUAN, PR– After conversations at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, Evan Hovorka, the director of business development at Roundel, thinks that brand needs could be more front and center. On stage with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts, Hovorka says that 15 years at Target has made his thinking brand-centric. “As a brand, I’m trying to […]