SAN JUAN, PR — After acquiring DSP MediaMath out of bankruptcy last year, Infillion is rehiring some ex-employees.

“Bringing automation to our portfolio has been the fulfillment of a dream,” says Infillion’s Chief Revenue Officer, Laurel Rossi.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rossi says the move is a significant milestone for the digital advertising firm, aiming to create a seamless ecosystem of services and platforms.

A Synergistic Union

“This is an amazingly accretive acquisition for us,” Rossi explains. Infillion has “highly elevated products,” including engagement video product TrueX and location service Gimbal. With the addition of MediaMath, a leading demand-side platform (DSP) in the programmatic space, Rossi believes they’re set to transform the industry: “We have a unique vision about bringing everything together in a connected garden.”

The term “connected garden,” as Rossi points out, contrasts the conventional notion of walled gardens in the digital ecosystem. The idea, conceived by Infillion’s founder in 2017, is rooted in leveraging data to connect different platforms and services in a more open yet cohesive environment. “We feel like the world is getting more and more connected by data, and data is a unique proposition for us,” she adds.

Challenging the Status Quo

Historically, the industry has faced a dilemma of choosing between effective targeting and scalability. Rossi challenges this binary thinking: “We don’t think it’s either/or.”

She argues that, with the right blend of products, advertisers can navigate through the funnel without compromising on quality or reach.

“There really isn’t that trade-off between scale and premiumness anymore,” she asserts, signaling a shift towards more holistic advertising solutions.

The Human Element and Future Aspirations

Infillion is a digital advertising company that specializes in adtech and data solutions. It focuses on delivering personalized advertising experiences to various audiences.

The company’s technology aims to help brands optimize their marketing campaigns by utilizing data science and machine learning. Additionally, Infillion provides a platform for advertisers to measure and analyze the performance of their campaigns to inform future marketing strategies.

When asked about what excites her going forward, Rossi touches on an aspect often overshadowed by technology and products: the talent.

“We’re very excited about the people that we’ve brought back into the fold because of the MediaMath acquisition,” she shares. For Rossi, blending talent from both entities is crucial for realizing a shared vision of the future.

Looking ahead, Rossi is adamant about maintaining a no-compromise approach. “You want transparency, you want the right data, you want more objectivity in terms of what publishers and supply get brought to the table,” she insists. Rossi sees Infillion’s combined portfolios as a unique opportunity to meet these demands.

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