In a landscape void of cookies, advertisers and publishers are facing what some call the great reset, a moment that’s reshaping how media is valued and measured.

Amidst this digital transformation, David Simon, GM of Growth Initiatives at Moloco, radiates optimism about the opportunity for a more equitable playing field across various media forms.

In this video interview with Beet.TV ahead of Beet Retreat San Juan 2024, Simon explains why.

A New Dawn for Media Measurement

“The big thing about a cookie deprecation is not so much what’ll happen in CTV, because there is no cookie in CTV,” Simon explains. “Because marketers can’t rely on an individual user-level attribution or user-level measurement, this is providing a great reset for all forms of media.”

The demise of the cookie, a staple of digital tracking and personalized advertising, has been a looming inevitability that has rattled the nerves of many in the digital advertising space.

Yet, Simon sees a silver lining where others might see a storm cloud. The absence of cookies, he suggests, will level the playing field, allowing for a uniform measurement across diverse media types.

Embracing Media Mix Modeling

As the digital ecosystem braces for this seismic shift, Simon urges industry players to pivot their strategies. “All media forms will be democratized and on a similar measurement scheme,” he asserts. “So for the first time, formerly cookie-based web inventory or mobile web, CTV inventory, in-app inventory, in-game inventory, will all have the opportunity to be evaluated on the same scheme with the same methodology.”

The transition to media mix modeling—a statistical analysis technique that gauges the impact of various marketing tactics on sales and other performance metrics—presents a novel challenge for publishers and ad tech platforms. Simon believes that the key to success in this new era lies in their ability to adapt and influence outcomes through this new measurement methodology.

As Moloco navigates these turbulent waters, Simon shares their initial successes. “We’re seeing really good results initially because it turns out sight, sound, and motion, and TV commercials do drive consumer change.”

His observation points to the inherent strengths of traditional advertising methods, which continue to resonate with consumers despite the digital upheaval. Simon sees this as a chance for marketers to reassess and revalue different types of inventory through a fresh lens.

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