Solving Measurement & Satisfying Performance In A World Of Over-Supply: Moloco’s Richardson

SANTA MONICA, CA — Once upon a time, when we talked about video advertising, we talked about a dearth of quality ad inventory supply. Over time, that has emerged to be anything but. Now a glut of supply is a problem facing many. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jake Richardson, Head of Connected TV, […]


Machine Learning & Retail Media: The Perfect Match – Moloco’s Simon

If new retail media upstarts are the Davids in a battle against tech-giant Goliaths, could machine learning be the sling that helps them topple their powerful foes? David Simon, GM, Growth Initiatives, Moloco, thinks so. Moloco is a retail media platform offering a machine learning-powered demand-side platform (DSP) to ecommerce operators, helping them to open […]


AI’s Under-Hyped Ad Impacts Can Be A Game-Changer: Moloco’s Simon

In a world where everyone is talking about AI, David Simon, GM for Growth Initiatives at Moloco, believes the real transformative technology is often overlooked. While generative AI and chat continue to garner headlines, Simon thinks machine learning (ML), which is the fabric of much of AI, could has enormous potential in relatively unsexy areas […]