In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, the topic of signal loss is becoming increasingly prominent.

The deprecation of third-party cookies, IP signal loss, and the advent of numerous new state laws are just a few of the changes contributing to an environment where personal data is less accessible and its processing is fraught with risk.

Speaking ahead of Beet Retreat San Juan 2024, where she will appear on a fireside discussion, Julie Rooney, Head of U.S. Privacy at OpenX, identifies it as a critical issue for the industry.

Alternative Signals

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rooney says: “There’s less personal data being passed and there’s a lot more risk when you do process it.”

But Rooney says other signals are available to help.

A common misconception Rooney addresses is the undervaluation of non-personal data signals. “There are a lot of other really valuable signals coming through – content signals, contextual signals,” she asserts. Rooney believes that the industry’s focus on data minimization, often mandated by laws, should be seen as an opportunity to reassess the value and risk associated with different types of data.

She advises, “This is a great opportunity to engage in exploration of data instead of just minimization and really optimize what you’re sending and think about it a little harder.”

Programmatic CTV: Privacy and Targeting Challenges

When it comes to Connected TV (CTV), which is booming, the privacy and targeting challenges are unique. “CTV pubs and advertisers know their data is valuable,” Rooney says, highlighting the importance of building trust and developing solutions that protect data while facilitating experimentation.

But Rooney also touches on the complexities of CTV, such as facilitating opt-outs and consent signals for household targeting and ensuring compliance with regulations when transacting programmatically.

“There’s a lot of mistrust,” she notes, emphasizing that the early stages of programmatic CTV are marked by a need for transparency and control to build confidence among publishers and advertisers.

The Road Ahead for Programmatic CTV

Looking to the future, Rooney’s vision for programmatic CTV is clear: “Transparency is really the name of the game.”

Her hope is to see the development of solutions that grant publishers more visibility and control over data flows. This, she believes, will lead to an increase in trust and subsequently, the availability of more valuable CTV inventory and signals for buyers.

“I really hope we see building in the next year,” Rooney says, underlining the potential for progress in the programmatic CTV space.

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