OpenX’s Rooney Sees Transparency, New Signals & Building As Soothing Data Loss Worries

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, the topic of signal loss is becoming increasingly prominent. The deprecation of third-party cookies, IP signal loss, and the advent of numerous new state laws are just a few of the changes contributing to an environment where personal data is less accessible and its processing is fraught […]


Cleaning Up CTV: OpenX Aims To Make Biddable TV Trustworthy

If you want to buy ads on connected TV, do you want to place them in a premium TV show or in a virtual fireplace app? Some think CTV’s inability to distinguish between inventory types on biddable systems is holding back the medium. That is why OpenX, a programmatic advertising technology company, is launching an […]


OpenX’s Journey To Net Zero: A Happy Accident With Big Impacts

CANNES — When you are an ad-tech firm in an industry waking up to the carbon impact of digital communications, how can you reach net zero? “We were able to achieve and reduce and meet our goal within five years. But it was a journey and it’s not a straightforward journey,” says Andy Hammond, Senior […]


OpenX Goes Net-Zero And Gets Closer To Publishers

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Amongst the copious terminology which is so commonplace in digital advertising, a new one joined the ranks over the last year. “Supply-side targeting” is reckoned to encompass the different ways in which ad-tech can enable targeting capabilities for publishers and around publishers’ own content or inventory, rather than audience-based targeting. […]


OpenX’s Parsons On The Search For A New Cookie

Web publishers are losing advertising sales to closed platforms like Facebook, and may need to start operating like those big guns if they are to claw it back. So says one of the main web ad exchanges that is now moving in to the new world of audience identity solutions. In this video interview with […]


OpenX’s Gentry Wants Ad ‘Symmetry’ For Web Publishers

It’s the walled gardens’ world; we just live in it. That is the growing fear in pretty much all walks of society these days. None more so than in media, where, on the one hands, publishers lament the attention and time gobbled by social networks, apps and search platforms, and, on the other, advertisers grumble […]


Holiday TV Ad Spend Is Disconnected: OpenX Research

The summer may barely be over but this is the time of year when many brands’ forward focus shifts to the holiday season, and marketing strategies to get in front of shoppers. This year, they will find consumers who are more optimistic about spending but who may also be more difficult to reach. That is […]


OpenX ‘Tripling-Down’ On Demand Side: Leichman

One of the veteran ad-tech companies on the scene aims to continue its expansion from its supply-side roots. OpenX recently launched OpenAudience, a people-based ad exchange serving both publishers and marketers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Joey Leichman, VP buyer development, OpenX, says the two-pronged approach is key. “OpenX I think has doubled and […]


OpenX’s Cadogan Pushes Pedal On Video Growth

COLOGNE — It is the world’s largest independent advertising exchange, but a relatie newcomer to the video world. Now OpenX is seeing big growth in moving images. “We started really about a year and a half ago,” says OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan in this video interview with Beet.TV. “We went out to probably 10% of revenue. […]


OpenX’s Leichman Predicts ‘Massive Consolidation’ In Ad-Tech

For at least as long as there has been a Lumascape, consolidation has been the check and balance on ad-tech proliferation. But could we be about to enter another wave of merger and acquisition? One platform exec thinks so. In this video interview with Beet.TV, OpenX’s senior director of buyer development says the new practice […]


To OpenX, Take Digital Quality Standards ‘And Run With Them’ Is The Path Success

SAN FRANCISCO – Investing in quality seems to be paying off huge for OpenX, the world’s largest independent advertising exchange. It just capped its 10th straight year of revenue growth, fourth consecutive year of profitability and its nascent video business saw 5,000% revenue growth in 2017. To CEO Tim Cadogan, the industry as a whole […]


Beet.TV Politics Summit Panel Weighs Benefits Of Data Targeting, Reality Of Spending

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Political candidates aren’t the only humans capable of saying one thing and then doing another. While many a campaign’s media strategists talk a great game about harnessing digital ads and programmatic television to target voters with less waste, there’s a big disconnect from what they actually do. This sentiment was echoed by all three […]


TV Buyers Will Pay More For Programmatic Efficiency: TubeMogul’s Dybwad

WASHINGTON, D.C.-It’s common wisdom that the growth of programmatic television advertising has been constrained less by technology than by the difficulty in herding together all the players that own the inventory. But at a more basic level, human instinct is in play. There are a “lot of different actors on a lot of different levels,” […]


Ad Fraud Can Learn From Credit Card Fraud: OpenX’s Cadogan

It’s easy to forget now but, when credit cards first came on to the scene, they suffered a bad reputation, as poor security measures allowed nefarious clerks and larger-scale operators to clone and defraud accounts. Nowadays, however, credit card fraud is declining year on year. For ad industry types still wringing their hands at ad […]


OpenX Opens Up Header Bidding To Real-Time Guarantees

PALM SPRINGS — The latest piece of ad-tech lingo is “header bidding” – a kind of advance bidding on ad inventory where publishers offer ad spots to multiple sources of ad demand, hopefully increasing their yield. Ad-tech vendor OpenX is amongst the pioneers in the space. And now its recently-announced Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG) system is connecting […]


Header Bidding Rears Its Head With Yield And Cost: OpenX’s Saifee

PALM SPRING — Look out; there’s a new piece of ad-tech lingo on the block. So-called “header bidding” has emerged as “one of the primary drivers of growth in programmatic for publishers over the last year”, according to OpenX monetization VP Qasim Saifee. So what is it? Digiday’s “WTF?” series explains: “Header bidding, also known as advance bidding […]


OpenX’s Real-Time Guarantees Offer Best Of Both Worlds

In the last couple of years, private ad trading marketplaces have given ad sellers the efficiencies offered by programmatic trading technology, but by ringfencing premium inventory off from open-market fodder. Now ad tech platform vendor OpenX is launching its take on the concept to offer a best-of-both approach of its own. Its “real-time guaranteed” technology (RTG) […]


OpenX Puts Ad Fraud Detection On Consumers’ Computers

There are several techniques for identifying what has become the scourge of the internet for advertisers – code that fires up web pages just to ensure ads are displayed for which a buyer must pay. Now online ad tech vendor OpenX is trying a twist on fraud detection, with a third-generation iteration to its so-called “Traffic Quality Platform”. […]