Programmatic Prowess: Unleashing the Potential of Premium CTV Advertising, Index Exchange’s Hazan

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, the allure of premium Connected TV (CTV) content is proving irresistible for programmatic advertising. In this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein, Rob Hazan, VP of Product, Streaming TV at Index Exchange, shares his insights on why premium CTV is making its mark and what challenges […]


Index Exchange’s Casale Launches Marketplaces, For Integration Without The Friction

In a landscape where ad tech integrations can be as complex as they are necessary, Index Exchange is launching a new platform designed to simplify interconnectivity. Launching in beta, Marketplaces is an effort to support integrations without duplication across the ecosystem. Simplifying Ad-Tech with Marketplaces Casale outlines a vision where manual integrations, a persistent source […]


TV Taxonomy Upgrades Essential To Improve Programmatic Buyability: Index Exchange’s Goode

LONDON, UK — Getting your taxonomy metadata in order may not sound like the sexiest topic in media – but it does have the potential to significantly improve results. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lori Goode, Chief Marketing Officer at Index Exchange, says the quality of some content taxonomies (metadata for describing shows and […]


Index Exchange’s FreeWheel Integration Widens Access, Standards & Quality: Gardner

LONDON, UK — Ad exchange operator Index Exchange is broadening its access to streaming TV ad inventory in a new direct integration with TV ad-tech platform FreeWheel. The tie-up is seen as enhancing ad buyers’ access to premium inventory and diversifying demand sources for media owners. Speaking with me at The Future of TV Advertising […]


OpenRTB 2.6 Can Scale Streaming & Cut Carbon: Index Exchange’s Goode

CANNES — It may only be a point change, but the latest version of the IAB’s real-time ad bidding protocol aims to make streaming TV efficient and help save the planet. OpenRTB 2.6 enhances the efficiency of streaming TV advertising but also contributes to sustainability. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lori Goode, Chief Marketing […]


Take Control & Get Sustainable: Index Exchange’s Goode

MARCO ISLAND, FL — At a time of tectonic shifts, the IAB convened its Annual Leadership Meeting. For, Lori Goode, CMO, Index Exchange, the key takeaways were taking back control and taking climate action. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Goode sums-up her ALM. Take control “The call to action was about taking control over […]


Context Levels The Playing Field: Index Exchange’s Barash

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In a world with digital ad identifiers crumbling under ad buyers’ feet, where do advertisers turn for best placement? Some in the industry are turning the clock back to a traditional style of adjacency, achieved using very modern methods. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt Barash, SVP, Americas & Global […]


Protocol Alignment Can Solve CTV Scale & Transparency: Index Exchange’s Casale

Every new channel experiences growing pains – and connected TV has been growing fast. According to Andrew Casale, President & CEO of Index Exchange, the explosive growth of CTV and programmatic has brought with it some problems that need to be addressed. “Like any channel that has grown tremendously, as the growth starts to recede […]


Moving Beyond 2022 Challenges Through Conversation: Index Exchange’s Goode

After a 2022 in which the darker clouds gathered, what better way to kick off 2023 than in Marco Island, Florida? That’s where the IAB will hold its Annual Leadership Meeting, January 22 to 24. For Lori Goode, CMO, Index Exchange, the gathering is an opportunity to put 2022 to bed, by coming together as an […]


Safety & Scale: Index Exchange’s Krauss Sees A Busy Q4 For CTV Ads

The programmatic trading of connected TV (CTV) ads is now becoming so common that video formats now make up the bulk of all programmatic spending, according to eMarketer. But that pivot away from traditional “insertion orders” also comes with risks for ad buyers – achieving certainty about placement and achieving the maximum desired scale. In […]


Index Exchange Is Partnering with Roundel for First Party Data

Publishers have an identity problem. Index Exchange is seeking to solve it through a partnership with Target’s Roundel. In June, Index Exchange announced its partnership with Roundel, in an approach to programmatic advertising that uses Target customer data sets to inform media buys. According to Andrew Casale, president and CEO of Index Exchange, the partnership “brings addressability […]


Privacy Concerns Will Mean Healthier Ecosystem: Index Exchange’s Gardner

Europeans and companies that hold data about them woke up in a new world this morning. May 25 was the final deadline for compliance with the new GDPR. For ad-tech and marketing, GDPR seems to represent a threat to many of the advanced targeting techniques that have grown exploded in the last five years, many […]


Index Exchange CEO Casale On The Quest For An Open ID Graph

SAN FRANCISCO — In a world where advertisers will increasingly have to gain audience members’ permission to use personal data for targeted messaging, plenty of attention is swinging back to marketing. Many brands have spent years building up databases of their own customers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Index Exchange CEO Andrew Casale says […]


Index Exchange’s Doherty ‘Levels-Up’ At The Middle To Reduce Ad Costs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif — After a year in which calls for “transparency” in advertising technology reached “cacophony” on the controversy scale, advertisers understanding of the issues has increased significantly – and their demands are growing in lock-step. That is according to one ad exchange operator which reports a maturation in the questions marketers are asking […]


Digital Supply Chain Maturing Because ‘Marketers Want More’: Index Exchange’s Andrew Casale

COLOGNE – Could it be that the digital supply chain is finally growing up? It’s definitely maturing, with signs of consolidation, less innovation and indications that marketers’ calls for greater transparency are having an impact, according to Andrew Casale. If all of this were true, Casale would know. Back in 2003 he founded Casale Media […]


Meredith Corp.’s Minoff Bullish On Server-To-Server, Industry Collaboration

HOLLYWOOD, Florida – Meredith Corporation’s Chief Digital Officer is bullish on server-to-server ad auction integration. “We think it has a lot of value,” says Matt Minoff. “Anything we can do that decreases latency on the page, improves user experience while simultaneously driving incremental revenue growth is a positive.” Moreover, Minoff hopes to see the day […]


Moat’s Goodhart Appraises ‘Screen Real Estate’ For Video Measurement

HOLLYWOOD, Florida – It’s been said that the most valuable real estate is all about location. It’s no different with video advertising, but consumption habits are changing so fast that they are hard to measure. Enter the Moat Video Score, a new impression-level metric for measuring digital video exposures that focuses on length of creative, […]


Roku’s Rosenberg: Data And Interactivity Boost Value Of Advertising

HOLLYWOOD, Florida – Streaming television pioneer Roku foresees ad loads decreasing and, as a result, the value of ads has to increase. “From an ad strategy perspective, we feel strongly that an empowered consumer needs a more relevant and better ad experience than they’ve had historically in TV,” says VP of Advertising & Audience Development […]


IAB Tech Lab Priorities: Open Source Kit For In-App Ads, RTB Standard Revamp

HOLLYWOOD, Florida – Having recently released its first software development kit for monitoring in-app ads, the IAB Tech Lab is busily prepping the latest overhaul of open real-time bidding protocols. “I’m really excited about it,” says the IAB’s Alanna Gombert. The Lab’s first SDK is a takeover of an initiative originally conceived and developed by […]


Header 2.0 Puts Publishers Choice On The Server, Gardner Says

HOLLYWOOD — In the new programmatic buzzword of “header bidding”, publishers no longer have to run auctions for ad buys sequentially; they can audition multiple demand sources simultaneously, to get the highest price. The practice has been around a few years, but spent 2016 bedding in. In 2017, however, header bidding is changing. No longer confined […]

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