The upcoming Beet Retreat San Juan 2024, March 6 to 8, will hear from a constellation of media and advertising executives thrashing-out the latest strategies in retail media, connected TV and more.

Ahead of the event, Evan Hovorka, VP, Product & Innovation, Albertsons Media Collective, which is sponsoring, explains why he thinks the Beet Retreat is a must-attend event.

And Horovoka sheds light on the current state and future trajectory of retail media networks (RMNs) in the digital age.

Anticipating the Future at Beet Retreat

“I learned everything about linear (TV) from your conference,” he recalls, looking forward to returning with new insights and developments.

Hovorka anticipates a rich dialogue at the retreat, focusing on extending partnerships and engaging with linear experts and agencies.

“I just think it’s a great place to go validate ideas, innovate new things, and then work with the people who make those decisions,” he concludes, setting the stage for a collaborative effort to drive the industry forward.

Inspiring Through Omnichannel Video

The power of video in Albertsons’ media strategy is not just in advertising products but in creating inspiring content that elevates the consumer experience. “Great that you can come to and see the cream cheese and it’s on a price discount,” Hovorka says, but he quickly pivots to the greater value proposition: “How great would it be if you saw it in combination with the recipe coming up for a tailgate party and all those products are available.”

This approach aims to move retail media from the lower funnel to a broader, more inspirational role that resonates with customers both onsite and offsite. “I think the same video assets or versions of them can be applicable for just as well as YouTube or CTV,” Hovorka asserts, underlining an omnichannel strategy that connects with consumers across various platforms.

The Quest for Consistent Measurement

Measurement in advertising is a critical focus, and Albertsons Media Collective is actively collaborating with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to refine this aspect. “Measurement is an obligation we have to any investor,” Hovorka insists, pointing out the importance of providing robust metrics to clients.

Hovorka believes that industry-wide standardization is essential for creating a cohesive retail media landscape. “It’s not that hard of a concept to get our head around,” he says, encouraging RMNs to adopt standardized methodologies to reduce friction for investors like Pepsi when they consider where to allocate their advertising dollars.

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