Local Advertisers Are Getting Data-Savvy: Ampersand’s Herbstman

National brands may have been first to embrace the new art and science of data-driven TV advertising. But local peers are getting in on the action, too. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rachel Herbstman, VP, Data Innovation, Ampersand, explains what is happening. Pioneering a data-centric approach “In the past, they weren’t as data-centric as […]


After Digital Turbulence, TV Poised To Offer Rich Marketer Capabilities

It used to be the other way around – TV had little ability to target viewers, while online channels could super-target users. But, amid a turbulent period that limits digital’s capabilities, connected TV is poised to make a strong offering. That is according to Chris LoRusso, Chief Business Officer, OpenAP, the outfit formed by US […]


Transaction Data Takes Measurement Beyond First-Party: Affinity’s Garbaccio

The coming tide of regulatory changes and privacy concerns in data-driven marketing will leave only the most valuable and consented data sets standing. That is according to one executive whose company captures consumer data from the sharp end – actual purchases. Damian Garbaccio, Chief Business & Marketing Officer at Affinity Solutions, believes that traditional marketing […]


Cookiepocalypse Will Return Art To Advertising: Nexxen’s Johnson

For many marketers, the fragmented landscape of streaming and the audience identifiers lost from privacy changes pose significant hurdles to overcome. But Chance Johnson sees a positive future emerging out of those travails. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Johnson, Chief Commercial Officer, Nexxen, explains the future. Tough Times “Wow, it’s actually a really hard […]


Embracing Change: The Future of Advanced Advertising is Transparent, Adaptable and Exciting: Paramount’s Scoles

Big tech platforms may have an arsenal of advertising tools at their disposal – but the evolving TV pathway has something unique up its sleeve. That is according to Travis Scoles, SVP, Advanced Advertising, Paramount. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Scholes opens up on the evolution of connected TV advertising’s capabilities. Transparency as a […]


CTV Viewer Metrics Differ From Cookie Tracking on Open Web: EDO’s Kevin Krim

The growth in viewership on connected devices such as mobile phones and smart TVs has spurred demand for audience measurement among a bigger variety of media channels, including digital platforms that generate signals of how they’re used. The shift in consumer behavior is occurring as people seek more control over how their personally identifiable information […]


Nielsen Sees Importance Of Co-Viewing Data, Sticks With C3 & C7

Nielsen’s ONE platform for measuring cross-screen audience consumption may be moving the measurement company’s capabilities forward – but there are some kinds of measurement the company isn’t ready to jettison just yet. Nielsen launched ONE in January and it is currently in beta. Molly Poppie, Global Head of Product & Strategy, Nielsen, explains the state […]


‘We’ll Unveil Ways That Advance the Media Marketplace’: Disney’s Jamie Power

Disney next month for the first time will host its yearly Global Tech & Data Showcase as a live event at CES, the hugely attended consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas. The entertainment giant will highlight its abilities to help advertisers of all sizes to automate their media buying and to reach audience across multiple […]


Unified Datasets Help to Improve CTV Audience Insights: Experian’s Kim Gilberti

Brands increasingly need reliable information about how they reach target audiences, especially as privacy laws give consumers more control over how their personally identifiable information is collected and shared. “If you think about the very fragmented world that we live in, consumers have endless options in terms of where they consume content and therefore where […]