Advertising services and software company Mediaocean reintroduced Flashtalking with updated branding and a website to reflect the expanding needs of advertising agencies and their clientele. The rebranding highlights Flashtalking’s tools for customizing the creative content of digital advertising and a growing role for generative artificial intelligence, the technology that powers apps such as ChatGPT.

“We’re at this perfect moment with the rise of generative AI to take creative personalization to the next level,” Aaron Goldman, chief marketing officer of Mediaocean, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams. “We’re helping advertisers create thousands of different versions of their ads in seconds and then plugging directly into the publishers and platforms where they run.”

The integration of Flashtalking into Mediaocean’s tech stack aims to improve the work flow for advertising decision-makers across a broader range of their operations.

“We can iterate and optimize based on what’s working best and make those media budgets work harder,” Goldman said. “We talk about this as kind of like unleashing the power of creative and advertising. And our mission is to be the leading independent ad tech platform for creative, personalization, and optimization across all marketing channels.”

Personalized Ads Work

The rebranding of Flashtalking coincides with the publication of a study, “Breaking through the Digital Ad Ceiling with Creative Personalization,” that highlights the power of customized ad creative that gets noticed by target audiences.

Survey results in the report show that 97% of marketers say personalized ads drive higher conversions and customer engagement, while 79% said they view creative optimization as part of media budgets.

The research also found some key challenges that Flashtalking helps to overcome:

  • Lack of insights and intelligence: 91% of those surveyed are experiencing major blind spots when it comes to creative intelligence.
  • Siloed teams: 90% say siloed teams lead to inefficiency and slow go-to-market.
  • Disparate technology: 73% think that brand messages have become increasingly disconnected from how consumers experience them in their world.

Flashtalking’s rebrand demonstrates Mediaocean’s commitment to creative ad-tech that equips marketers worldwide with advanced tools for creative personalization and optimization. These tools can creative and media-buying teams work together more closely.

“You see the silos starting to come down and the systems being integrated,” Goldman said. “Creative and media teams are anchoring on a common platform with workflow that goes from building assets all the way down to activating them in market, and that goes for all channels.”