Flashtalking’s Rebrand Highlights Tools for AI-Powered Personalization of Ad Creative: Mediaocean’s Aaron Goldman

Advertising services and software company Mediaocean reintroduced Flashtalking with updated branding and a website to reflect the expanding needs of advertising agencies and their clientele. The rebranding highlights Flashtalking’s tools for customizing the creative content of digital advertising and a growing role for generative artificial intelligence, the technology that powers apps such as ChatGPT. “We’re […]


Mediaocean’s Goldman Sets Sail For 2022 Ad Growth

For Mediaocean, 2022 may have started with the cancellation of its planned big events at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But, after quickly pivoting to digital delivery, the company is forecasting ad buyers, too, will be leaning into new channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mediaocean chief marketing officer Aaron Goldman explains what […]


‘We’re Unifying into an Omnichannel Ad Platform’: Mediaocean’s Aaron Goldman

Mediaocean is transforming its advertising software suite for the age of convergence, pulling together its products into a single platform. The move follows the recent integration with 4C, which Mediaocean acquired last year to expand into social media, e-commerce and connected TV advertising. “We are unifying all our products into an omnichannel advertising platform,” Aaron […]


Walled Gardens Are Winning The Pandemic & Brands Need to Be Equipped, 4C’s Goldman

CHICAGO –  If the coronavirus pandemic was killing businesses, nobody told the big tech platforms. In Q1 results posted this week, Facebook reported returning “stability” in advertising revenue after an initial steep March decline, whilst Alphabet reported a March slowdown but nevertheless a 10% growth in ad revenue year-on-year. For Aaron Goldman, what’s worrisome is […]


4C’s Goldman Sees Ad Opportunity Become Reality

LAS VEGAS — The tectonic plates of the ad-tech ecosystem have shifted in to alignment, allowing now advertisers to do many of the newfangled techniques that have been talked about for years. That’s according to one media-tech exec whose company just passed some milestones of its own. 4C Insights ingests social media platform data and TV ad data […]


TV-Synced Ads Plugged In To 4C Platform

COLOGNE – The TV-synced social advertising technology Beet.TV has reported on for the last couple of years has had a long and winding road. Started by Teletrax, it was later wrapped up in to Philips’ Civolution, before being renamed Teletrax, which was last month sold to digital ad group 4C Insights. Now 4C has fully integrated […]