CANNES – Retailers that sell advertising are in the position of supplying audiences to consumer brands that are supplying products for their stores. This dynamic calls for greater collaboration among retailers, advertisers, agencies and ad-tech companies.

“I wish that as retail media networks were chatting with their clients, with the industry, that they’re talking about the merchandising side of their business, and how they both impact each other,” Amie Owen, U.S. head of commerce at Interpublic Group’s UM Worldwide, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields.

Advertisers also want independent and consistent audience measurement that helps to compare retail media networks with each other. Independent review organizations (IROs) aren’t helpful if shopper data for each retailer is siloed in a walled garden.

“I would rather them create a taxonomy about all of the different data and the measurements versus creating their own methodologies across the board,” Owen said, “because if you’re talking to Target in one way and they’re saying they’re giving you IROs and then you talk to Walmart and they’re giving you IROs, there’s two different methodologies and it’s not apples to apples.”

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