Retail Media Summit Highlights: Criteo, Habu, PepsiCo, Uber Execs On The Collision Of Commerce & Content

CANNES — With US retail media spending estimated by eMarketer to be $45 billion in 2023, the category is not exactly a new topic anymore. So, companies rolled into Cannes Lions with solid views about a maturing topic. Beet.TV played host to some of those discussions, through Global Retail Media Summit at Cannes Lions 2023, […]


Commerce Media Marks Convergence of Digital and Retail: Criteo’s Brian Gleason & Uber’s Megan Ramm

CANNES – Brands have more ways to lead consumers through the purchase funnel as commerce media provide them with multiple digital touchpoints. These interactions also generate data that can help to sharpen their marketing strategies. In this fireside chat at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Brian Gleason, chief revenue officer at ad-tech company […]


Retail Media Offer Key Alternative to Walled Gardens: Albertsons’ Kristi Argyilan

CANNES – Retailers that sell advertising are riding a multibillion-dollar wave of spending by marketers that seek to reach consumers who are ready to shop or are open to discovering new products. The budding segment of media marketplace hasn’t matched the scale of other channels, such as television, social media and internet search, but that […]


Shoppable Ads Complement TV Spots, Says Roku’s Pullins

CANNES — A year after it launched a shoppable TV ad, Roku came to Cannes Lions with a major Walmart partnership to talk about. Roku in May 2022 had announced a “frictionless retail” scheme combining shoppable ads with its Roku Pay technology. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lindsay Pullins, Director, Ad Revenue Business Strategy, Partnerships, […]


Commerce Media Unleashes Trillion-Dollar Opportunity for Publishers: Criteo’s Meehan

CANNES — In the fast-paced world of digital media, commerce media is emerging as a golden opportunity for publishers. That is according to Joseph Meehan. In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Meehan, GM, Commerce Supply at Criteo, says this new field offers a $50 billion incremental opportunity for publishers. A New Frontier for […]


Retail Media Networks Must Make Room for Merchandising: UM Worldwide’s Amie Owen

CANNES – Retailers that sell advertising are in the position of supplying audiences to consumer brands that are supplying products for their stores. This dynamic calls for greater collaboration among retailers, advertisers, agencies and ad-tech companies. “I wish that as retail media networks were chatting with their clients, with the industry, that they’re talking about […]


Retail Media Requires Relevance, And AI Could Help: Criteo’s Fischli

CANNES — Retail media is on the verge of exploding and scaling, as offsite and in-store segments experience significant growth. In this video interview for Beet.TV with CIMM MD Jon Watts at Cannes Lions 2023, Marc Fischli, Executive Managing Director EMEA at Criteo says sees this as an exciting development for the industry. Retail media is poised to […]


Brands Fight Fragmentation As Retailers Embrace Media: Criteo’s Greene

CANNES — In the ever-evolving landscape of retail media, standardisation may seem like the key to cutting through the noise. However, according to Michael Greene, SVP of Global Vertical Strategy at Criteo, fragmentation must also be addressed. In this video interview with Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Green paints a picture of evolution in the industry. […]


First-Party Data Energize Retail Media Networks: Walmart’s Doug Jossem

CANNES – A growing number of retailers are now selling digital .advertising, offering brands a way to reach consumers at all stages of the purchase funnel from awareness down to a final purchase. Retailers such as discount chain Walmart also offer the ability to reach target audiences based on their purchase histories. “There is no […]


Europe’s Retail Media Roots Are In-Store: GroupM’s Larisa Dumitru

CANNES – Retail media advertising typically refers to digital media channels, but it does have ties to in-store promotions and shopper marketing. That’s especially the case in parts of Europe, where retail media networks are in an early stage of development. “We love shopping in Europe, we love going into the stores. There are stores […]


‘Jump In’: PepsiCo’s Lain Believes Clean Rooms Power Digital Transformation

CANNES — In the dynamic world of digital media, PepsiCo is learning from its mistakes and iteratively building its strategy. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Zach Lain, the Director of Global Data Partnerships at PepsiCo, gives an insight into the company’s digital transformation. He highlights the importance of “leaning into data clean rooms” and the power […]


Collaborations Help Support Our Ad Growth: Uber’s Megan Ramm

CANNES – Uber Technologies in the past year has diversified into advertising sales, building on its relationships with consumers who have used its apps to hail a car-ride or to order food for delivery. The data the company gathers about people’s destinations and their buying habits are a key resource in helping to provide brands […]


Criteo’s Smith On The Data-Driven Evolution Of Retail Media

CANNES — It may be one of the industry’s hottest new topics – but retail media isn’t necessarily as new as many people may think. In fact, the trend has been doing the rounds for a couple of decades now. In this video interview with Beet.TV at Cannes Lions, Sherry Smith, GM of Global Enterprise […]


Retail Media: A Rapidly Growing Ecosystem With A Bright Future

CANNES — There is a tremendous amount of excitement surrounding retail media, and for good reason. The category is growing rapidly, with projections to reach $132 billion. In this interview with CIMM MD Jon Watts at Cannes Lions for Beet.TV, Brian Gleason, Global Chief Revenue Officer of Criteo, discusses the reasons for this buzz and […]


Trust Is At The Core Of Data-Driven Strategy: Tripadvisor’s Maguire

CANNES — In a world where data is the new currency, Tripadvisor’s GM/VP of Global Media Business, Christine Maguire, has her sights set on the future, emphasising that trust and privacy must be at the heart of a data-driven strategy. “Number one, privacy-first,” says Maguire, highlighting the importance of adapting to continually evolving regulations and […]


Data Collaboration Will Move Retail Media Forward: Habu’s Flanagan

CANNES — Can advertisers clean up by using clean rooms? The software lets partners work on connecting datasets – without sharing privacy-sensitive parts. That is something that has been missing since new privacy legislation seemed to put the brakes on data collaboration. But such partnerships are critical to enabling an ecosystem around retail media, says […]


Retailers Have Growing Role in Media Mix of Brands: Unilever’s Aaron Sobol

CANNES – Many retailers have created media networks to sell digital advertising space to brands that want to reach consumers as they shop online. The emergence of these networks is adding another dimension to the relationships between marketers of consumer brands and retailers, as retailers become suppliers of advertising inventory to the companies that supply their […]


Retail Media Framework Will Drive Ad Growth: Albertsons’ Kristi Argyilan

CANNES – Marketers seeking to reach a mass audience have many ways to do that through a variety of channels – and retailers that sell online advertising are a fast-growing way to do that. However, these retail media networks have ad formats and definitions of engagement that can make them hard to compare with each […]


Pagliuca On Partnership: Omnicom Teams Up In Cannes

CANNES — Omnicom used Cannes Lions to announce a slew of digital ad partnerships and its own new retail media initiatives. The agency group launched Omni Commerce, an “orchestration solution” for retail media. In this video interview with Beet.TV at Cannes, Megan Pagliuca, Chief Activation Officer, Omnicom Media Group, talks about the announcements. Connecting Commerce […]