Retail Media’s Evolution Sparks New Excitement For UM’s Owen

SAN JUAN, PR – With retail media advertising growing fast, does the category deserve its own showcase? The intersection of data, technology, and retail media is creating a bustling marketplace that has industry experts like Amie Owen, Global Chief Commerce Officer at UM Worldwide, both intrigued and eager. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Owen […]


‘Total Commerce’ Needs A Shared Language: UM Worldwide’s Owen

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In an era where digital storefronts are just a click away, the lines between media and commerce are blurring. As consumers lounge in their living rooms, their favorite shows may soon double as the latest shopping platform. “Imagine you’re watching a TV show and someone was wearing a red dress and you […]


Retail Media Is About More Than Retail: UM’s Owen

SANTA MONICA, CA — Retail media continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of advertising, as more ecommerce operators light up their digital shelves as ad inventory. But retail media can serve more than just retail, according to one agency specialist in the space. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Amie Owen, US Head […]


Retail Media Networks Must Make Room for Merchandising: UM Worldwide’s Amie Owen

CANNES – Retailers that sell advertising are in the position of supplying audiences to consumer brands that are supplying products for their stores. This dynamic calls for greater collaboration among retailers, advertisers, agencies and ad-tech companies. “I wish that as retail media networks were chatting with their clients, with the industry, that they’re talking about […]