CANNES – Responsible media investment seeks to support a diverse range of publishers, broadcasters, streaming platforms and creators of content. The effort also reflects the growth of multiethnic audiences, especially younger consumers with growing spending power.

Publicis Groupe several years ago created the Once and For All Coalition to advance diversity and inclusion goals.

How have analytics affected your audience targeting and segmentation?“We were looking to be more strategically focused, not only in targeting, but also understanding that people need to see people and help people that look and act and are them,” Lisa Giacosa, chief investment officer at Spark Foundry, a unit of Publicis Groupe, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Tameka Kee.

“The Once and For All Coalition enabled us to start to think about how we focus much more around investing in the future of minority owned and operated content,” Giacosa said. “The reality is, when everybody focuses there, everybody rises.”

A key impediment to these goals was the lack of available advertising inventories, while media measurement had blind spots in audience data.

“Even the data and the way it’s been collected in the past has fueled a biased future,” Giacosa said. “We’re course-correcting all of that and have been for quite some time to ensure that the data is more balanced, that we talk brand suitability versus brand safety to ensure that we have exclusion lists — but on those exclusion lists we don’t have terms that are biased.”

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