Retail Media Networks Must Evolve to Secure Media Dollars, Digitas CEO Stresses

The landscape of digital commerce and advertising is evolving rapidly, and nowhere is this more apparent than at industry events like ShopTalk. The big retail conference is evolving as the industry sees the fusion of retail with advertising, in the shape of retail media. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the event, Amy Lanzi, CEO […]


Shoppable Video’s Influence Is Poised to Grow: Digitas’ Amy Lanzi

SAN JUAN, PR – Millions of U.S. households have connected their televisions directly to the internet, giving advertisers a way to interact with consumers through what is typically the biggest screen in their homes. Shoppable video increasingly will have to power to raise brand awareness and to drive direct sales. “A big prediction is that […]


Retail Media Should Be Part Of Holistic Brand Strategy: Digitas’ Lanzi

Retail media, for a long time, has been perceived as emerging from non-traditional media budgets. This perspective is now changing, with funds coming out of more traditional media budgets. That is according to Amy Lanzi,who, as CEO, Digitas North America, is taking a keen interest in the trend. The Changing Landscape of Retail Media Budgets […]


‘Addressable Relationships’ Combine Commerce & CRM: Digitas’s Amy Lanzi

SALISBURY, CT – Brands may rely on agencies to help them drive sales through commerce channels, but their customer relationship management (CRM) is often in a different silo. Bringing commerce and CRM together is an important step for brands after a consumer buys a product or service. “We’re calling the convergence of these two things […]


COVID-19 Has Swelled Retailers’ First-Party Data, Next Up ‘Joint-Party’: Publicis’ Lanzi

The COVID-19 pandemic may be a nightmare for politicians, businesses, society and a great number of individuals. But, for retailers that were facing challenges targeting customers, the crisis has been an opportunity to grow the data they hold on buyers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Amy Lanzi, EVP, Commerce Practice Lead, Publicis Groupe, explains how […]