CANNES – Retail media advertising typically refers to digital media channels, but it does have ties to in-store promotions and shopper marketing. That’s especially the case in parts of Europe, where retail media networks are in an early stage of development.

“We love shopping in Europe, we love going into the stores. There are stores all over,” Larisa Dumitru, head of ecommerce EMEA, GroupM Nexus, said in this interview with Beet.TV’s Andy Plesser. “Retail media has actually started from in-store activation and then it just grew into digital.”

Europe has a much more fragmented media landscape than the United States, adding to the challenges of achieving scale with a retail media network.

“It’s not an easy exercise, taking what used to be offline and all of a sudden turn it into online — and just overlay things like audiences, targeting, measurement, creative, making sure that people aren’t annoyed with seeing your ads,” Dumitru said. “The growth is going to be coming from this connectiveness between the different components, retail, content and then media.”

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