CANNES — In a world where data is the new currency, Tripadvisor’s GM/VP of Global Media Business, Christine Maguire, has her sights set on the future, emphasising that trust and privacy must be at the heart of a data-driven strategy.

“Number one, privacy-first,” says Maguire, highlighting the importance of adapting to continually evolving regulations and the deprecation of cookies. The goal, she says, is to “leverage the insights that you have from a first-party perspective, know that it’s going be put into a trusted ecosystem, and then figure out to create cumulative value in aggregate with your marketing partners.”

This approach, she believes, can create more comprehensive long-term value for both the audience and the business.

The Future of Measurement

When asked about the reimagining of measurement in the context of better access to data, Maguire asserts: “Measurement is really about objectivity.” The key, she suggests, is creating a standard framework that everyone can plug into and aligning it with the KPIs of the client.

For Tripadvisor, this principle of objectivity and alignment comes to life in its work with destinations.

“We leverage Oxford Economics for destinations to validate marketing spend back to their boards and to their government agencies,” Maguire notes. The goal is to demonstrate the economic impact within a destination, measuring it from a third-party perspective and reinforcing it with first-party data for optimal performance.

Clean Rooms: A Win for Everyone

In discussing the role of privacy-enhancing technologies like clean rooms, Maguire underlines the fundamental role trust plays.

“Trust is at the core of anything you do, whether it’s consumers or businesses,” she says, emphasizing that whether it’s personal data or company data, it’s a valued asset that should be used in the most safe and privacy-first way.

“Clean rooms are a great way to create that environment where it’s trusted, it’s safe, and ultimately can provide the right personalization and consumer outcomes while also driving business and marketer outcomes.”

Looking to the future, Maguire envisions a shift in the way platforms and retailers operate. “Ultimately it’s really about a seamless and efficient experience,” she says, hinting at a future where a singular opt-in replaces multiple opt-ins across different platforms and websites. This, she believes, will lead to a more efficient consumer experience and a more personalized one.

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