As brands seek to reach consumers are spending less time with linear television, they are finding new opportunities in streaming video channels that carry advertising and e-commerce sites that are showing ads in search results and product description pages.

“Streaming has been a central topic not only within our industry but really in the mainstream news flow over the last couple of years and rightfully so,” Sean Buckley, chief revenue officer at sell-side platform Magnite, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “The retail media side has also become a leading topic in the industry and it’s a really exciting place right now.”

Magnite this month unveiled a partnership with ad-tech giant Criteo that lets retailers extend their audiences off-site into addressable CTV environments,  providing closed-loop measurement to their brand and agency partners.

“Criteo holds a really important role working with hundreds of retailers both domestically and around the world,” Buckley said. “he combination of all of the progress that Criteo’s made with their retail customer base alongside the platform footprint that Magnite has presents a really compelling opportunity for the market.”

Helping Video Publishers to Monetize

As connected television apps proliferate, video publishers are looking for ways to monetize their audiences. Magnite this month formed a strategic relationship with streaming-video platform Brightcove to power advertising for any Brightcove customers. Brightcove also is integrating the SpringServe ad server to offer video publishers greater control and transparency into available ad supply.

“This is compelling because we’ve been able to come in and empower the Brightcove team to bring a whole new suite of innovative solutions to their client base,” Buckley said. “They now have the ability leveraging the Magnite technology to go to their customers with a full suite of advertising capabilities to help them monetize or better monetize their inventory and a full service capacity.”

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