A shake-up in the fundamental fabrics of ad targeting is forcing many in the industry to re-think their approach to reaching audiences.

Traditional cookies are on their way out, and mobile ad identifiers have been hit, too.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mike Peralta, VP & GM, T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, explains how the changes call for a new approach.

Flatter funnel

First, Peralta says the increasing amount of media time consumers spend with mobile is necessitating a re-think of the traditional marketing text book.

“As a consumer, I’m in my mobile phone six, seven hours a day,” he says. “The purchase funnel is not necessarily a funnel anymore.

“At any given time, I could be at every single level of that purchase funnel for any single product.

“As advertisers and brands, how do we provide that in the best way?”

Clues in the apps

For Peralta, the answer is likely in uncovering enough data about your own customer to support delivering exactly the kind of messaging they are looking for.

T-Mobile Advertising Solutions uses data captured about its mobile phone subscribers’ actual app ownership and engagement to create targetable audience segments.

He thinks that forms an alternative to traditional methods.

Value exchange

“In the past, there were a bunch of things that we’ve done around the cookie – things like retargeting, things like search,” Peralta says.

“Moving forward, I think we’re going to have to start thinking about it a little bit differently.

“What’s the best type of consumer signal that we can use where we have that good value exchange between us and the consumer?”