Smartphone Data Help Marketers Unlock Privacy-Safe Insights: T-Mobile’s Mike Peralta

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Smartphones give off a continual flood of information about their users, many of whom spend the entire day within a hand’s reach of mobile handset. Data about app usage and website visits can be compiled by cellular companies such as T-Mobile. The information is a potentially rich source of consumer insights […]


Leaders at Nielsen, Ampersand, The Trade Desk, T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, MiQ and PubMatic Gather for the Beet Retreat

The Beet Retreat kicks off this week in Santa Monica, California, bringing together the leaders and professionals who are shaping the future of the media industry. This year’s gathering comes as companies throughout the media ecosystem look to forge strong relationships with others as they work together improve the consumer experience and the effectiveness of […]


App Behavior Could Quickly Reveal Black Friday Ad Impact: T-Mobile’s Peralta

Advertisers looking for fast evidence of their Black Friday ad campaigns’ success may want to leverage what mobile networks can see about their customers’ behavior. T-Mobile Advertising Solutions’ App Insights program uses data captured about its mobile phone subscribers’ actual app ownership and engagement to create targetable audience segments. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Connecting After Cookies In The Era Of Flat Funnels: T-Mobile’s Peralta

A shake-up in the fundamental fabrics of ad targeting is forcing many in the industry to re-think their approach to reaching audiences. Traditional cookies are on their way out, and mobile ad identifiers have been hit, too. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mike Peralta, VP & GM, T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, explains how the changes […]