NEW YORK – OpenAP today introduced a way to unify delivery of all television advertising buys and to support cross-platform measurement of campaigns. The advanced advertising company added programmatic interoperability to OpenID, its unique identifier for linear TV and digital audiences.

Integrations with FreeWheel, Magnite and Xandr’s Monetize SSP give media buyers the ability to run cross-platform TV ad campaigns with automated tools. WPP’s GroupM is the first media agency to use OpenID audiences for programmatic buying, enabling more holistic audience insights for clients through OpenAP’s XPm framework.

“We’ve expanded the digital footprint beyond the publisher ad server into the supply-side platforms,” Chris LoRusso, chief business officer of OpenAP, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “It’s the next evolution of OpenID distribution to more inventory, which coincides with the growth of streaming television — and the publishers’ and advertisers’ investing in automated tools.”

Marketers are expected to shift a growing part of their TV ad budgets into connected TV (CTV) channels as audiences spend more time with ad-supported streaming. CTV ad spending will grow 3.4% next year to $23.9 billion while spending on linear television shrinks 3.1% to $66.3 billion, researcher eMarketer estimated. The growth in streaming channels has led to more media fragmentation, challenging advertisers to achieve mass scale in their campaigns and to avoid showing the same ads to the same consumers too often.

With the new OpenID capabilities, media buyers can use their preferred demand-side platform (DSP) to transact against OpenID audiences to ensure impressions are measurable alongside other digital and linear buys. By using ID-based audiences with a consistent identity spine, advertisers can see unified campaign delivery that includes deduplicated reach and cross-platform frequency.

“It’s going to enable more inventory, more transaction types to be measured holistically under our cross-platform measurement framework, and it’s going to enable more agency buying teams to transact against OpenID,” LoRusso said.