As marketers shift their ad spending to streaming platforms, they’re also looking for reassurances that their commercials appear within brand-safe shows. Connected TV publishers can offer more information about their programming to advertisers through Amazon’s digital advertising marketplace following a recent integration with video data platform IRIS.TV.

“We’re going to increase the available inventory for those buyers to ensure at the end of the day that the media dollars that they spend are against inventory that’s transparent and that it can be targeted,” Richie Hyden, co-founder and chief operating officer at IRIS.TV, said in this interview with

By offering more contextual information to advertisers, CTV publishers can improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and boost revenue.

“What the industry has needed in order to make these comparable datasets available in CTV is content signals,” Hyden said. “In order to create content signals you really need to tie together the content infrastructure.”

The ecosystem is made up of content management systems, content delivery networks, video players, ad servers, sell-side programmatic ad platforms (SSPs) and demand-side platforms (DSPs), among others.

“Really what IRIS.TV is doing is building a video data platform to connect those different constituents and enabling that data to actually be present,” Hyden said. “This is a complicated space with a lot of moving pieces, but I think the industry is taking great steps to solving some of these macro issues that we think will unlock significant investment in video and CTV.”