Marketers are looking for ways to reach consumers through linear and connected television (CTV) without showing the same ads to the same viewers too many times. Advertising automation platform recently introduced the ability to provide buyers of linear TV advertising with complete incremental reach on CTV.

“One of the number one challenges with buying linear TV and connected TV — or digital and non-digital impressions — together is this idea that you have to control ad frequency across these users,” James Moore, chief revenue officer at, said in this interview with

“What we’ve got is a solution that is probably the most definitive list of households who have a pay-TV cable or satellite subscription,” he said, “and we’re using our proprietary household-level addressability solution to map that at the household level.”

As millions of households connect their televisions to the internet to watch streamed programming, marketers are gaining greater ability to make their ads addressable. That is, to show different ads to different households during the same shows. Marketers also have more detailed information about consumers to improve their audience targeting.

“As every television set in America essentially is now web-enabled, and able to access ad-supported content via apps, the scale of addressability is immense,” Moore said. “There’s now more data than ever about consumers. Online behavioral data, offline data, client first-party data — all of those things can be brought to bear.”

Convergence of Media Buying

Instead of having separate teams for linear and digital media buying, marketers and agencies are bringing those specialties together to achieve the goal of reaching viewers on any screen. That includes TVs, mobile devices and computers.

“There is a real desire to be able to plan, execute and measure media across all formats, and as the television becomes web-enabled, it’s making that happen,” Moore said. “Simultaneously, there’s immense financial pressure on ad agencies to be more efficient and to find cost synergies.”

Television’s capabilities as a performance-driven medium will continue to expand as it becomes more digitized. Advertiser will have more tools to track return on investment (ROI) and other performance metrics, such as conversions.

“That’s going to bring up a whole new array of opportunity for marketers, not only to prove the value of television set, but to start looking at the television set as just one screen in a series of screens,” Moore said. “It’s going to get really interesting and really creative in terms of the timing and formats and how you reach consumers to dial up the right mix to get the best possible return.”