More brands are coming to recognize the potential of connected TV ads – targeted planning, buying and even measurement of consequential outcomes, on an engaging screen.

But, in the era of first-party data, how can they bring their own customer and prospect data to the party?

Samsung Ads is launching Samsung Onboarding Partner Program, to let buyers access their own curated audiences via their demand-side platform (DSP).

Activate audiences

From Q1 2022, advertisers who use Axiom, Adobe, Experian, LiveRamp, Merkle and Oracle Advertising to house their first-party audience data can plug it into Samsung’s ecosystem.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Justin Evans, Samsung Ads’ Global Head of Analytics & Insights, explains how it works.

“When the client lights up that data in our platform, what we can tell them, from a planning perspective is, ‘Here’s how many of your audience are in our platform’, ‘here’s how many of them are mostly linears and mostly streaming audiences’.

“For the mostly streaming audiences, we’re going to tell you about those people. We’re going to tell you how much time they spend in streaming. We’re going to tell you how much time they spend in SVOD versus AVOD.”


Samsung Ads is the electronics maker’s division that helps advertisers understand what consumers are actually watching.

It benefits from Samsung being’s ACR technology being embedded at the device level.

That gives Samsung Ads access to more than 57 million US smart TVs, which it is making available to advertisers.

The Samsung Onboarding Partner Program refines access to those audiences by letting brands find their own audience profiles within Samsung Ads’ set. They can also use Samsung Ads’ Audience Advisor.

Samsung Ads Combines Linear & Streaming Ad Outcome Measurement

First-party enhancement

“We see an increasing trend in marketers to invest in their own data,” Evans says. “I call it an ’empowerment moment’ … they’re deciding, ‘we understand our audience better than any syndicated third-party data’.

“Advertisers have a real incentive to leverage their own data

We did an analysis of over 200 campaigns from 2021, and what we saw is when clients use their own data their conversion rate is 161% higher, at least with website and foot traffic conversions, than any other form of targeting or deployment.”

The Samsung Onboarding Partner Program is intended to be ongoing, with Samsung Ads hoping to add more DMPs and potentially clean rooms through 2022.