Samsung Ads Aims To Eliminate Linear, Streaming Ads Overlap: Samsung’s Evans

LAS VEGAS — These days, consumer electronics makers at CES don’t just show off their latest TV hardware. Some also demonstrate their capabilities in media and advertising services. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Justin Evans, Global Head of Analytics & Insights, Samsung Ads, explains how the company is launching new services to help advertisers benefit […]


Samsung Ads’ Richardson Says CTV Ads Offer Performance & Popularity

LAS VEGAS — In the rapidly evolving world of connected TV (CTV) and digital advertising, brands are constantly seeking more precise targeting and measurable outcomes. Samsung Ads has positioned itself in this arena by leveraging a vast array of consumer data from across its ecosystem of devices. Michael Richardson, Global Head of Product at Samsung […]


Samsung Ads Makes Its DSP Simpler & Smarter With Activator, Data Partnerships: Craig Chinn

LAS VEGAS — What can an ad platform from a TV maker offer in 2024? Samsung Ads launched its DSP in 2020. Now it is making enhancements to the platform. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Craig Chinn, VP of Platform Sales at Samsung Ads, shares insights into the company’s latest endeavors to transform the […]


Tiles, Takeovers & Targeting: Samsung Ads’ Multi-Touch Offer To Solve Streaming TV Churn

LAS VEGAS — Subscription- and advertising-supported streaming TV services used to be regarded as diametrically-opposed models. Now the addition of ad support by SVoD operators has changed that. But Karl Meyer thinks ads also have another role to play – he thinks ads on streaming TV screens can help reignite lapsed viewers. Meyer, Head of […]


CTV’s Smarts Must Be Matched With Measurement: Samsung Ads’ Wiltshire

With connected TV, advertisers are standing at the gateway of an advertising ecosystem powered by treasure troves of viewer data. But they need to be able to effectively measure that data alongside other platforms’ to achieve cross-channel simplicity. That is according to Lizzie Wiltshire, Head of Client Solutions, Samsung Ads. The CTV advantage In this […]


‘The Empowerment Moment’: Samsung Ads Lets Brands Plug Own Data Into Smart TV

More brands are coming to recognize the potential of connected TV ads – targeted planning, buying and even measurement of consequential outcomes, on an engaging screen. But, in the era of first-party data, how can they bring their own customer and prospect data to the party? Samsung Ads is launching Samsung Onboarding Partner Program, to […]


Samsung Scales Up Ad-Buying With DSP, PMP

Five months after launching its own demand-side ad platform (DSP), Samsung Ads is amassing audience scale and technical capability to become a major ad publishing player. As connected TV advertising evolves, it seems the OEMs whose screens are being viewed are sitting pretty on top of primary user behavior data. Vizio leverages such data through […]


Samsung Ads Combines Linear & Streaming Ad Outcome Measurement

For ad buyers, it suddenly feels like the season of gifts, as yet another connected TV operator launches a measurement suite it says is designed to prove the effectiveness of the channel. Samsung Ads, a platform for placing ads using Samsung smart TVs, has announced Samsung Measurement, designed to show the combined impact of both […]


Samsung Ads’ Scott: Samsung TV+ Is Like Cable, But a ‘New Way of Working’

Samsung Ads’ head of sales and brand Michael Scott says that advertisers are attracted to Samsung TV+ because it has a similar format to linear cable TV but with access to new audiences who may be cord cutters. “The look and feel is a lot like linear television, or cable network TV,” says Scott. “Advertisers […]


Samsung Ad’s Denn: Brands Need to Be Where the Customers Are

Having the largest, most comprehensive source of TV data available in the market has tremendous advantages. In an interview with Beet.TV, April Denn, regional sales director for Samsung Ads, explains that with this data, the company is looked at to solve three main problems. The first of these problems is to leverage this data and […]


Samsung Ads’ Evans: Clients ‘Open the Doors’ by Measuring Streaming and Linear Together

When it comes to helping customers focus on their business objectives, Samsung Ads boils it down to two key ideas: reach and response. In an interview with Beet.TV, Justin Evans, global head of analytics and insights at the company explains just what this entails. From a reach perspective, Evans says that clients are anxious about […]


Advertisers Are Rebooting Their Content: Samsung Ads’ Kim

The idea that brands can be content producers and publishers is no longer a new one. But, after perhaps 15 years in which marketers have done that, ow times are changing, according to an executive who is watching them change their strategy. “The conversations that I’m having with partners and different industry people is that […]


Samsung Ads’ Meyer: The Gaming Industry Is Advertising’s Next Frontier

Gaming, like streaming, has become an enormous part of a burgeoning ad model. In an interview with Beet.TV, Karl Meyer, head of sales, media and entertainment at Samsung Ads, explains that his company is able to use unique metrics to help this corner of advertising grow. Gaming provides a target audience for Samsung in age […]


Ad Agencies Leaning In To Connected TV: Samsung Ads’ Melaragno

After years of experimentation, ad agencies are finally getting serious about buying ads through connected TV (CTV) devices and over-the-top (OTT) TV services. That is according to one man who can plug them directly in to the TV set itself. Samsung Ads, a unit inside the giant Korean electronics manufacturer, tracks what audiences are watching […]


Samsung Ads’ Meyer: ‘Discovery’ Mode on Smart TVs Is a Sweet Spot for Advertisers

Samsung Ads, the media conglomerate’s ads division, provides the measurement and targeting at scale for the billions of smart TVs operated by the company. “These four to five billion smart TVs, connected on a daily basis – they’re smart about that and now our data is one-to-one deterministic,” says Karl Meyer, head of sales, media […]


Samsung’s Scott Welcomes Vevo To TV Plus

Although the TV world has spent the last five years considering the subscription video (SVOD) boom, a growing trend in ad-supported TV services (AVODs) is opening new opportunities for new entrants and for advertisers alike. Alongside Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi and others, Samsung launched its own Samsung TV Plus, its own gateway to over-IP TV […]


Samsung Ads’ Three CES Priorities: Alex Hole

LONDON – Samsung knows what you use your TV for – now it just needs to encourage advertisers to use that data. The electronics manufacturer’s Samsung Ads division has access to viewing data from 45 million US owners of Samsung Smart TVs plus 200 million connected devices. The business unit is able to understand actual […]


Samsung Ads’ Banchek: ‘We’re Solving for Real Business Problems’

Part of Caryn Banchek’s job as head of client solutions for Samsung Ads is educating advertisers about the advanced TV landscape. Advanced TV is Samsung Ads’ bread and butter: The subsidiary works with brands and agencies to place ads across its partner networks. The advertisers want to know what works from a planning perspective, how […]


Samsung’s Oh Finds ‘Unfindables’ & Heavy Gamers With ACR

If you are a Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare wizard, Cathy Oh may know about it. As global head of marketing and analytics at Samsung Ads, Oh boasts that her employer can see what 45 million owners of Samsung Smart TVs are doing on their sets. Of course, it is all anonymized. But, for Oh, […]


Samsung Ads Going Big at CES: “We’re Not in the Test Phase Anymore”

It is the consumer electronics industry’s annual jamboree in the desert. But Cathy Oh has business and results on her mind. In 2019’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place in Las Vegas, Samsung ran its own “city” with “districts” showcasing the company’s newest TVs, monitors, appliances and more. For Oh, the global head of marketing […]

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