LOS ANGELES — She spent several years at the world’s largest media agency, GroupM, so few people know the frustrations of media buyers better than Jamie Power.

That’s why she is now helping agencies and publishers alike gain more efficiency for themselves, through workflow automation.

In this video interview with Zach Rodgers for Beet.TV, Power, Chief Data Officer & COO, Advanced TV, Cadent, explains how the company’s latest offering has productized practices Cadent for performing for clients.

Automating the process

Cadent provides software platforms for connecting buyers and sellers of addressable TV advertising.

This summer, it rolled out Cadent Aperture Platform, a self-service suite for trading across screens, including CTV, OTT and addressable set-top box inventory. According to the announcement:

“Cadent Aperture enables advertisers to directly negotiate private rate cards with suppliers, and plan, buy, and execute campaigns across all partners in the marketplace. The workflow provides users with unified views of budget, pricing, household, and device counts for desired audiences, campaign pacing, and attribution.”

“We basically built an addressable end-to-end platform and we were using it internally (for clients),” Power says. “We’ve now shifted that to a self-service model.

“It’s technology that’s basically focused on connecting the buy and the sell side.”

Creating efficiencies

Historically, companies would attempt to tackle cross-screen buying by retro-fitting demand-side platforms (DSPs) – something Power says did not work because it did not account for TV’s peculiarities.

“We now have a platform that does that,” she says. “DISH and Warner both are leveraging the platform to create a multi-seller marketplace.

“Anything that we’ve heard from the agencies on ‘it’s hard to scale, it’s hard to pull segments, we don’t want you in the middle of the trade’… the platform now does.

“It’s a true workflow to create operational ease and execution on both buy and sell side.”

“So,” Power jokes, “I’ve ‘automated’ myself.”

No threat from frequency caps

In the discussion with Rodgers at Beet Retreat Santa Monica, Power also addressed other trends in advanced TV advertising.

She rebuffed concerns that MVPDs which enable advanced buying for customers will find lower sales as a result of buyers enabling frequency-capping.

“The first thing that advertisers should do is frequency cap, because we now have data to know how many ads you need to hit someone to drive a conversion,” she acknowledged.

“But I think there’s plenty of people that would line up to buy that spot. I do think that there are other advertisers that would pick up the slack in that ecosystem.”

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