‘We’ll Unveil Ways That Advance the Media Marketplace’: Disney’s Jamie Power

Disney next month for the first time will host its yearly Global Tech & Data Showcase as a live event at CES, the hugely attended consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas. The entertainment giant will highlight its abilities to help advertisers of all sizes to automate their media buying and to reach audience across multiple […]


Addressable Television Harnesses Data for Efficient Audience Reach: Disney’s Jamie Power

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Marketers are gaining more ways to show different advertising to different consumers during the same television programming as addressability encompasses a broader range of linear and digital channels. Entertainment and media giant Disney has made a significant push into streaming as advertisers seek to reach consumers on any viewing device. “If […]


‘I’ve Automated Myself’: Cadent’s Power Creates Self-Serve Efficiencies For TV Traders

LOS ANGELES — She spent several years at the world’s largest media agency, GroupM, so few people know the frustrations of media buyers better than Jamie Power. That’s why she is now helping agencies and publishers alike gain more efficiency for themselves, through workflow automation. In this video interview with Zach Rodgers for Beet.TV, Power, Chief […]


Agencies Deserve Automated TV: Cadent’s Power

LONDON — So far in the evolution of addressable TV advertising systems, the big secret has been the extent of operations that are actually performed manually. Next up, ad-buying agencies and other users deserve to jettison some of that manual work, says an exec from one company trying to make it happen. In this video […]


Addressable Adds Transparency To Television, Says one2one Media’s Power

That addressable television will increase from 63 million cable and satellite households to 70 million by the end of 2018 is a big number. But behind the scenes, smart TV’s have the potential to optimize addressable campaigns in-flight. These trends will help to change the TV business “more in the next two years than it […]


Addressable Aggregator one2one Media Advocates New Approach To Creative Costs

With eight U.S. multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD’s) offering addressable television inventory, inadequate scale is becoming less of an issue. But achieving the “holy grail” will require a new approach to the cost of creative production. That goal is “to be to find the right segment and then create all these different creative executions for […]


With Next TV Upfront, Addressable TV is Hitting Scale: one2one Media’s Power

It has taken a while, but methods of targeting TV ads at the household level have now hit a critical mass in the United States, according to an exec from a brand new company hoping to help ad agencies take advantage. “Right now the scale for addressable television – either linear or VOD – is  57mn,” says […]


On Addressable TV Execs’ Wishlist: Standards And Scale

MIAMI — Recent estimates of the number of addressable US TV households count about 45m properties. The ability to target individual households with different ads at different times is now real. “Over the last three years, (I’ve done) … 250 campaigns, addressable to the household,” recalls Tracey Scheppach, the former long-time SMG advanced TV exec who recently […]


Automation And Standards Will Propel Growth Of Addressable TV, Says Modi’s Power

MIAMI – An apt analogy for planning and executing addressable television advertising could be tackling a giant jigsaw puzzle. Unless you’re a robot, there’s no way to automate the process of piecing it all together. Jamie Power began to learn this about three years ago when she joined the launch of GroupM’s Modi Media advanced […]


Addressable TV Needs Standards: Modi’s Jamie Power

FORT LAUDERDALE — The emerging opportunity of connected TVs with household-level targeting capability may not be met without the kind of ad standardisation that the IAB’s inception brought to display, says one ad tech exec. “Everyone does something a little bit differently – each of the (TV) operators has different decks, data,” says Jamie Power, senior partner  for addressable […]