Piece by piece, ad-tech companies and others are solving what has become a spaghetti soup of TV systems, by integrating their infrastructure.

In the latest example, VideoAmp has extended a deal through which it uses data from 18 million VIZIO smart TVs for planning, measurement and TV ad sales.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, VideoAmp chief strategy officer Nick Chakalos explains why this kind of collaboration is the way forward.

Actual viewing behavior

“We gain access to a world-class data set that really helps us bring to market a new currency and a new data set that can be utilized by buyers and sellers to transact in whatever means they want to and whatever KPI or performance indicator that they want to – whether that’s on a basic demo(graphic), an advanced audience, or on something more sophisticated like attribution,” Chakalos says.

The deal, announced this month, is an extension of VideoAmp’s existing use of VIZIO’s Inscape automatic content recognition (ACR) data, which takes viewing behavior from VIZIO smart TV owners, which had been due to expire at the end of 2021.

Now the deal runs to the end of 2025, with an option for VideoAmp to extend.

VideoAmp’s platform enables audience data, ad insight reports and investment activation for new TV ad buyers.

Join the dots

For Chakalos, it is all about collaboration the industry needs to connect up disparate systems.

“We certainly are looking at this from the standpoint of having a data set that can enable measurement that’s required across OTT, across linear TV, across social and other forms of media consumption,” he explains.

“We’re headed towards a place that’s fairly exciting. It’s about ensuring that TV ad spend is accurately measured and that publishers can understand their yield a bit better and gain credit for the audiences that they have.

“We are proceeding collaboratively towards that.”