If Tubi wasn’t already growing fast enough under its own steam, growing support from integration partners could help the streaming TV service expand even farther.

This month, Yahoo announced Tubi is extending its use of Yahoo’s supply-side ad software (SSP) to also connect with its demand-side platform (DSP).

As Iván Markman, chief business officer of Yahoo, explains in this video interview with Beet.TV, that means Yahoo ad buyers now have access to one of the biggest connected TV destinations.

Expanded partnership

“They’ve been leveraging our SSP for about three years,” Markman says.

“Advertisers and agencies can now access the high-growth inventory and engagement opportunities that Tubi has to offer in those ways, above and beyond the ways that they have been able to access them in our exchange.

“We are lighting up a unique set of capabilities in our DSP to enable advertisers and agencies to access supply in unique ways and better ways.

“Programmatic guaranteed deals reporting and planning gets amplified within the DSP.

“A result of that for Tubi is to drive greater growth as they can transact.”

From cathode-ray to Tubi

Now owned by Fox, Tubi has been on a tear.

Reportedly, usage has doubled in the last year, whilst upfront commitments have tripled.

Now Fox wants to spend even more on streaming TV.

Creative canvas

Markman is clear why he thinks Tubi is growing.

“There’s quality content that is very relevant ,” he says.

“(It is) a great kind of creative canvas, if you will, when it comes to the consumer experience.

“When you think about upfronts as an example, it really helps everyone participate in those opportunities in much more valuable ways.”