Little by little, the advertising world is picking up the pieces left by the deprecation of third-party cookies, creating alternative mechanisms to reach digital audiences.

In the latest, Publicis Groupe is partnering with The Trade Desk to integrate

their two respective identity solutions.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Joe Doran, chief product officer of Publicis’ Epsilon agency, explains what is happening.

Integration time

“Without a robust, person-based identity solution that can survive past third-party cookie deprecation, you’re really going to have a struggle,” Doran says.

So, according to the announcement, two identity solutions are being “united”:

It’s not a merger. Rather, it means interoperability between the two methods, allowing CORE ID to plug into what has become an industry-wide initiative in Unified id 2.0.

Says the announcement:

“On the one hand, Publicis Groupe clients will be able to activate the CORE ID on The Trade Desk’s industry-leading demand-side platform (DSP) to reach people with personalized messages across display, video, social, connected TV, native and audio.

“On the other, The Trade Desk will become the exclusive DSP partner for Epsilon’s comprehensive CORE ID offerings, in addition to Epsilon-owned platforms. The CORE ID’s intelligence will be available to enrich campaigns run through The Trade Desk, for all advertisers to increase audience segmentation and deliver better results.”

Real people, real data

The collapse of methods like third-party cookie matching, plus emerging privacy regulations, have led to a crisis in ad land, and a rush to create alternative methods.

Many believe cookies were only ever a workaround solution, that systems built on gaining a true, opted-in user identity from all devices is a far more accurate method.

For instance, Unilever used CORE ID to implement identity recognition into its customer data platform (CDP), allowing it to multiply recognition of website visits from its email newsletters five-fold.

“It’s based on real people and real data,” Doran adds. “It’s deterministically sourced against transactional-level data. It’s something we’ve been working on since 2012 that is going to live and work outside of the loss of third-party cookies.”

Group integration

“We think no-one can match the stability and accuracy of the CORE ID,” he claims. “And this partnership really makes it stronger by connecting us and our capabilities with an industry leading platform.

“This capability will not only benefit Epsilon and our own managed-service DSP, which we call Epsilon Digital Media Solutions, as well as our own technologies within Epsilon PeopleCloud.

“But we’ll also benefit the client at Publicis Groupe that want to take advantage and utilise CORE ID by driving interoperability with CORE ID and having CORE ID integrated.

“The CORE Private Exchange integrated with The Trade Desk clients at Publicis Groupe that are using The Trade Desk can take advantage of those technologies.”