Marc’s father was Mexican, adopted by a man named Pritchard, giving Marc a caucasian identity. This provided him with opportunities not impacted by discrimination.

His father was an activist among migrant Mexican farm workers in Colorado.  Marc said the profound effects of seeing how migrant farmer workers lived has had a lifelong impact on him,  he tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

This personal experience helped shape his commitment to equality.  He says he is fortunate to be in his position and be an advocate for change.

Earlier this week, he was on an Advertising Week panel about women’s equality and the work of the #SeeHer organization where he serves as a vice chair.

In this video, he shares the progress made in the Gender Equality Measurement (GEM) score at P&G and his aspirations for the industry.

(Today 10/11   #SeeHer celebrates the International #DayofTheGirl

On the issue of racial equality, Pritchard says that while there is a clear business imperative, it is essential for humanity.  He shares various several P&G campaigns that are meant to foster understanding.

The most recent initiative is aimed at the majority of white people what to help drive racial fairness  but don’t know how, This has lead to The Choice  from P&G.