Most people may associate them with big checks, but Publishers Clearing House has online engagement that equips them with accurate data. In an interview with Beet.TV, Heather Macaulay, head of marketing and strategy at the media company, gave insight into how the company operates.

From a marketing perspective, Macaulay says that PCH has a unique interaction with their consumers that allows them to both customize a user experience and collect data that can be extremely useful. PCH’s online presence allows consumers to play games or explore their marketplace, which sells almost $1 billion worth of products each year. This engagement keeps users loyal but also collects names, addresses and emails.

“Our [data] is extremely accurate because there’s a value exchange to it. People come for the chance to win, and they stay for the entertainment,” says Macaulay. As a value proposition for ad buyers, PCH’s high engagement and audience profiles drive results. “We’ll continue to service the market in terms of driving really qualified leads and performance outcomes for marketers.”

This data is clearly helpful for PCH to continue to power their own experiences by informing their own native advertising and marketing initiatives. It’s also helped the company to appeal to new types of advertisers.

“For the first time, we are allowing direct-to-consumer brands, and really any brands, to be featured within our commerce path so we can sell direct subscriptions and purchases on their behalf,” says Macaulay.

These partnerships keeps PCH looking forward while continuing to find great value in what has kept them sustainable for more than 65 years.