Data may be the new oil – but, sometimes, you can just wring more miles out of the same oil.

That is the view of one ad-tech exec who says the emerging imperative is not to get more audience data but, rather to tie together existing available pieces in a better way.

“I think more data probably isn’t required,” Mari Tangredi, SVP of audience solutions and advanced TV at 4INFO, says in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“I think we’re at a place where maximising the data that you do have is kind of job one. I do think there is enough data probably out there now and tying it together accurately is probably the best thing to do.”

Tangredi was speaking as 4INFO announced a partnership with Inscape, a company which uses automated content recognition (ACR) to collect data on real TV show and ad viewership.

  • InScape is the unit of TV maker Vizio that deals with automated content recognition (ACR), giving it access to anonymized viewing data from over 11 million TV sets in the US.
  • 4INFO is an “identity graph” operator, using what it calls Custom Connected Identity Maps (CCID) and its Bullseye ID, which starts by mapping a mobile device to a home address, a match key for other devices, too.

The tie-up means 4INFO will get to use specific show or ad viewing data, generated at a consumer’s device, and match it to any data set in near real-time.

Whilst 4INFO’s underbelly is in mobile, the company had previously branched its identity graph system out to other platforms, like the new wave of TV devices.

“Mobile is that person-based device,” Tagredi adds. “Going from mobile and then connecting all the other devices in the household, you’re starting at person-based, and then you can go up to household.”