It is best known as the company which brought you out-stream, the video advertising format which serves auto-playing video advertising between text paragraphs in news stories.

But Teads doesn’t want to be a one-trick pony.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jim Daily, Teads president, explains how the vendor is branching out from out-stream.

“That’s what people have known us for traditionally,” Daily says. “But now we’re starting to serve significantly more types of ad formats into that ad slot outside of video.”

Daily explains Teads Studio, a software suite built on Teads’ acquisition of Brainient, is enabling display ads with interactivity and animations.

“(It) takes standard assets and makes a much more immersive and interactive experience with those assets,” he says. “A brand will send us a repurposed TV spot and an asset pack.

“Our engineers and developers and creative strategists will then take that, make beautiful interactive overlays and cards. Something as simple as that, to doing very advanced AR executions that we syndicate out to our publisher platform.

“It utilizes animated and .gif technology to create a more engaging user experience that, when somebody scrolls, there’s animation within the ad format. When somebody moves the phone, there’s a rotation effect in interactivity with this display format. So basically taking all of the interesting innovations that we accomplished in video and moving it to display.”

In fact, Daily says more than half of all ad impressions served by Teads are interactive ads.

The company also offers Teads True Visits, a performance ad system in which advertisers only pay when they receive a web visitor that had not already visited within the previous 30 days.