The roll-out of addressable TV ad targeting systems continues apace – but total audience addressability still seems some way off. So Sorenson Media is getting creative in its approach to the problem.

Sorenson’s solution is an addressable platform for linear TV which uses smart TVs to swap out ads otherwise broadcast in conventional transmissions.

The so-called Soreneson Addressable product sees Sorenson partner with programmmers to swap out those ads, rather than the cable or satellite operator, as is often the case.

Could such an approach boost the numbers of viewers ad buyers could reach gthrough granular targeting, beyond simply demographic targeting?

“Today our guesstimate is that around 3% of all TV impressions, because of the two minutes per hour (of US national cable ads), are addressable,” Sorenson’s Stefan Maris says, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“With our solution, we can address the other 97%, which is a pretty interesting proposition to the industry.”

Maris knows a thing or two about advanced TV ad targeting. It was a decade ago that Maris, then at Philips Electronics, managed product at Philips Content Identification, having absorbed the pioneering TV watermarking firm Teletrax.

After a leadership position in Civolution, the company spun out from Philips, Maris is now at Sorenson Media, where he finds himself imagining a day when total addressable ad targeting is commonplace.

The Sorenson Addressable offering operates in real-time, meaning buyers can start, stop or pause campaigns, or change target audiences, in seconds.

AMC Networks just became the first to sign on to the product, planning to use it to power ad replacement for buyers in live linear shows over AMC, WE tv, SundanceTV and IFC, with BBC America.

Discovery is also piloting the system. Maris expects another 10 to 15 networks will be piloting or deployed by year’s end.

This video is part of the Beet.TV series titled Addressable TV Evolves sponsored by Sorenson Media. For more videos from the series,please visit this page.