An integration between dataxu and Sorensen Media is designed to reduce the time needed to activate and measure addressable television campaigns so that addressable starts to mimic the speed at which over-the-top TV has taken root. “This is going to be an explosion, a dramatic change in the market,” says Sandro Catanzaro, dataxu’s Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder.

It can typically take several weeks for addressable linear TV campaigns to be created and activated, Catanzaro notes in this interview with Beet.TV. “The integration enables us to do an immediate activation. You can be live in half an hour. That’s really amazing.”

It’s all about reducing the barriers to entry for addressable so that more advertisers take advantage of its targeting and attribution aspects.

“These addressable TV campaigns used to be very manual. You have to use a significant budget to actually justify the amount of work,” says Catanzaro. “These days you can create a campaign for as little as you want, the campaign will go live and there is basically no humans in the loop.”

Embedded in TV sets, Sorenson’s technology can detect whatever is happening on the screen via automatic content recognition. From an advertising standpoint, everything happens in real-time, meaning buyers can start, stop or pause campaigns, or change target audiences, in seconds, as Sorenson’s Stefan Maris explains in this Beet.TV interview.

As it rolls out the Sorenson integration with agency partners, “We think this is going to help them activate much faster and be much more flexible. It also brings them control” in that campaign reporting doesn’t have to wait until the campaign ends. “Now you can actually start working on pacing, you can change pacing on the platform. You can also control frequency.”

Using dataxu’s cross-device targeting solutions, advertisers can allocate frequency by device and now include TV sets that have Sorenson’s technology. The company’s OneView identity and data management platform links consumers across all the devices they own while linking them to households.

“You’re linking that exposure to a commercial that may happen on a desktop or on a mobile device. Or actually somebody may walk by a store and can also connect those. And that happens organically.”

As the Wall Street Journal reports, AMC Networks signed on with Sorenson for targeted ads. Discovery Networks has been in pilot mode as well.

This video is part of the Beet.TV series titled Addressable TV Evolves sponsored by Sorenson Media. For more videos from the series, please visit this page.