With television advertising targeting slowly catching up to that of digital media, “We think the revolution is just starting,” says Sandro Catanzaro, dataxu’s Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder.

What started with “very humble web ads” about a decade ago has progressed to the point where “where we can show ads on TV that are fully addressed, and one by one, and you can sequence the story,” Catanzaro says in this interview with Beet.TV. “And you can link those exposures to consumer conversions.

“Now you start get to fully leverage the power of that capability. If you think of the next step, now agencies can use this technology to follow the consumer as they journey and tailor their message to the different stage that the consumer goes.”

Although it may sound odd given his tech background at dataxu, Catanzaro talks about the prospect of technology becoming invisible.

“Technology, if anything, we hope will start disappearing. It will enable people who actually want to think about strategy to execute as they wish to actually execute. If technology disappears, your execution, your ability to touch consumers in different stages and different messages will become much more relevant and important.”

He also sees creative becoming more important and creative working with media planning and media strategy becoming central.

“It’s kind of back to the old days, but we couldn’t do it, there was no tools to do it. Now you can tailor ads and target specific populations and segments and you can have a much clearer separation of messaging.”

This video is part of the Beet.TV series titled Addressable TV Evolves sponsored by Sorenson Media. For more videos from the series, please visit this page.