Creation of a shared, collaborative media ecosystem is limited only by the willingness of buyers, sellers and everyone in between to work together to solve individual and common problems. Videology Chairman and CEO Scott Ferber believes there is no better venue in which such competitive camaraderie can be nurtured than Beet Retreat Miami 2017, where some of the industry’s leading executives will gather from Nov. 15-17 to discuss The Future of Advanced TV.

Converged television and video advertising software provider Videology is a sponsor of Beet Retreat Miami along with TV data company Alphonso and 605, the data and analytics company. Topics will include video monetization and distribution, programmatic TV, addressable TV, the role of data in ad targeting, emerging platforms for distribution, the changing role of creative and the impact of consumer preference.

“As we go to many conferences and events around the world, typically they’re sponsored by one set of stakeholders,” Ferber says in this interview with Beet.TV. “What’s so great about the Beet TV Retreat is that many stakeholder groups—agencies, brands, media companies and distributors—are all there together to discuss the common challenges that the whole ecosystem must overcome in order for it to grow in total.”

To Ferber,  who has attended several past Beet Retreats, having the ecosystem come together on common ground is a case of “a rise of tide, rise all ships opportunity.”

A major issue the industry faces is how to enable the entire ecosystem to develop a unified platform opportunity so that it can buy, sell, execute, measure and trade against a common set of data attributes across multiple platforms and devices.

“One of the biggest things I’d like to do is have the buy and sell sides talk a little bit more about how they can actually bridge the effective gaps that they each have in transactions,” says Ferber.

While buyers and sellers typically interact by negotiating, wherein exists “a natural tendency to be nervous about disclosing what’s going on,” if both sides better understood each other everyone would benefit.

“If we could somehow get people to just truly open up on both sides and share the true challenges they’re facing and how they can best get there together, I think we can move much quicker. And I hope that’s what we can accomplish at the next Beet.TV Retreat,” Ferber adds.

The Beet Retreat 2017 program will involve just 35 participants. Executives will join from the major media agencies, large brands, cable and network programmers, data providers and tech platforms.

Here is the lineup of featured speakers and other participants:

The Featured Speakers

Kelly Abcarian, SVP, Product Leadership, Nielsen
Jason Baadsgaard, Chief Revenue Officer, Eyeview
Matt Bayer, SVP, Advanced TV & Cross Screen, Cadreon/IPG
Craig Berkley, VP. Television Partner Development, Acxiom
Herve Brunet, GM, Markets, FreeWheel
Mel Berning, President, Revenue, A+E Networks
Jonathan Bokor, Director of Precision Video, Publicis Media Exchange
Michael Bologna, President, one2one Media
Jason Brown, VP, National Sales, AT&T AdWorks
Lorne Brown, President, Sintec Media
Jason Burke, VP, Strategic Development, clypd
Tim Castree, Global CEO of MEC, GroupM
Tal Chalozin, CTO & Co-Founder, Innovid
Ashish Chordia, CEO, Alphonso
David Clark, EVP/GM, Advanced Advertising, Comcast
Fred Di Blasio, CMO, Invidi
Kristin Dolan, CEO, 605
Andrew Feigenson, CRO, Nielsen Catalina
Scott Ferber, CEO, Videology
Mark Gall, Chief Revenue Officer, Alphonso
Anupam Gupta, Chief Product Officer, 4C Insights
Walt Horstman, SVP/GM Analytics & Advertising, TiVo
Brett Hurwitz, Business Lead, Advanced TV, Oath (Verizon)
Rob Klippel, SVP, Advanced Products & Strategy, Spectrum Reach (Charter)
Jennifer Koester, Director, Global Partnerships, Google
Marcus Liassides, CEO, Sorenson Media
Bill Livek, Executive Vice Chairman & President, comScore
Noah Levine, SVP, Advertising Data & Technology Solutions, Fox Networks Group
Adam Lowy, Director, Advanced TV & Digital, DISH & Sling TV
Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia
Lou Paskalis, SVP, Enterprise Media Planning, Investment, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
John Paul, Managing Director, Advanced Advertising and Data at Liberty Global
Mike Rosen, EVP, Portfolio Sales, NBCUniversal
Julie Sterling, Head of Broadcast Partnerships, Google
Jonathan Steuer, Chief Research Officer, Omnicom Media Group
Michael Strober, EVP, Client Strategy & Ad Innovation, Turner
Andre Swanston, CEO, Tru Optik
Ashley Swartz, CEO, Furious Corp
Ben Tatta, President & Co-Founder, 605
Tore Tellefsen, VP, TV Solutions at DataXu
Rob Weisbord, SVP, COO, Sinclair Digital Group
Tony Yi, GM, Strategic Commercial/Business Development, Videology

The Faculty

Tracey Scheppach, CEO & Co-Founder, Matter More Media
Matt Spiegel, Managing Director, MediaLink
Ashley J. Swartz, CEO, Furious Corp
Andy Plesser, Executive Producer and Founder, Beet.TV

The Special Participants

Allen Bush, CMO, Alphonso
Sandro Catanzaro, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, DataXu
Boaz Cohen, CPO & Head of Business Development, Clinch
David DeSocio, SVP, Ad Sales Marketing and Partnerships, A+E Networks
Brian Katz, VP, Advanced TV Insights & Strategy, Eyeview
Justin Lebbon, Director, Mediatel Events (London)
Lisa Lutz, VP of Product, Tivo
Stefan Maris, SVP Product Strategy & Partnerships, Sorenson Media
Kim Norris, Division Vice President, Spectrum Reach
Jamie Power, Chief Operating Officer, one2one Media
Christa Rimonneau, SVP Sales, Agency & Advertiser, North America, Videology
Jack Rotherham, CMO, FreeWheel
Eric Schmitt, VP, Acxiom
Neil Smith, SVP Markets, FreeWheel
James ShearsVice President Advertising, Sorenson Media
Abbey Thomas, SVP, Tremor Video
Charlstie Veith, SVP, Marketing & Communications, 605
Ben Zimmerman, President, Media Design Group