Back in October, US satellite pay-TV company DISH Network launched an advertising exchange to help advertisers buy targeted, individualized ads shown to its eight million addressable households.

The ads in question would come from the two minutes per hour of local commercial time in programming DISH enjoys, and would playback in both live and DVR-recorded TV.

Most people would call that “programmatic TV”. But not the executive who runs the scheme.

“There’s no such thing as ‘programmatic TV’,” Dish Network media sales VP Adam Gaynor tells Beet.TV in this recorded interview. “I believe TV can be bought programmatically – there’s a layer of automation, of data and of buying impressions.”

But Gaynor believes “programmatic” – still the buzzword occupying hearts and minds in media land – will settle down to be just a mere technique.

“Programmatic is not a product, it’s a process,” he says, sharply. “If we can help brands and agencies reach audiences easily through data, that’s what our platform is all about.”

How about a progress update for DISH’s “programmatic” foray? Gaynor adds: “We’re going to come out of our pilot phase and more in to production. We’re going to be able to add many more DSPs now, to work with many more brands through many more platforms.”

Case in point – today DISH announced a summer-time integration with BidSwitch’s real-time partner ecosystem, itself a gateway to numerous supply and demand sources.

The increasing automation and efficiency of TV buying will be explored on July 24 at a Beet.TV leadership summit on advanced TV and data sponsored by Dish Media Sales and Experian Marketing Services.

This interview with Gaynor was originally published in June.

The Beet.TV leadership summit  will feature the following speakers and moderators:

Mike Bologna, President, Modi Media (GroupM) Amy DeHaen, VP of Advanced TV, Cadreon (IPG)

Adam Gaynor, VP, Media Sales & Analytics, DISH Media Sales

Kevin Heindl, Director of Partner and Advertiser Solutions, Experian Marketing Services

Prasad Joglekar, General Manager, Viewer Measurement, DISH Media Sales

Chris Harter, SVP, TV Partnerships, Cardlytics

Joanna O’Connell, Chief Marketing Officer, MediaMath (Moderator)

Tracy Scheppach, EVP, Publicis Media Exchange

Matt Spiegel, SVP, MediaLink (Moderator)

Jay Stocki, VP of Product Management, Experian Marketing Services

Andre Swanston, CEO Tru Optik