New Data is Powering TV Advertising: A Beet Leadership Forum on July 26 with DISH Media Sales and Experian Marketing Services

Back in October, US satellite pay-TV company DISH Network launched an advertising exchange to help advertisers buy targeted, individualized ads shown to its eight million addressable households. The ads in question would come from the two minutes per hour of local commercial time in programming DISH enjoys, and would playback in both live and DVR-recorded TV. Most people […]


IPG Mediabrands’ Baxter: No More ‘Set And Forget’ Media Duties

Generally speaking, paid media is more expensive and not producing the audiences and outcomes that it used to, according to the head of IPG Mediabrands. So one of the ways that media agencies must become more dynamic organizations is by helping clients connect paid media with the bigger ecosystem of channels and consumer touch points. […]


MediaLink’s Kassan to Moderate Keynote w/ CBS Chief Moonves as Entertainment Moves to Center Stage in Cannes

As he prepares to kick off the new Entertainment track at the Cannes Lions festival, MediaLink Chairman and CEO Michael Kassan sees the Cannes Festival reaching “a tipping point in a very good way.” The head of the strategic advisory and business development firm is “excited and honored” to be conducting an interview with Leslie […]


Publicis: Bringing Programmatic In-House Embedded Insights In Client Teams

Bringing programmatic digital advertising in-house “just in time” embedded the discipline in Publicis Media’s client teams and provided a test bed for better understanding how to reach audiences with addressable television ads. When the agency first began doing programmatic, it used its agency trading desk and third-party managed services, according to Helen Lin, President of […]


Turner Seeks Optimum Length For Fewer, Longer, Better TV Ads, Donna Speciale explains

Viewers don’t like too TV many ads. That’s the realization CNN owner Turner has come to, one of several media organizations now responding to negative consumer sentiment about the way content is funded. Turner’s solution – fewer, longer, better ads. That’s why, in October, it said it will halve the number of prime-time ads on […]


Is Audio The New Video? Horizon’s Williams Welcomes ‘Cleaner’ Ad Formats

Even as Pandora expands its advertising offering to video, some ad agencies are starting to get excited about the new possibilities for advertising in digital audio. Sure, radio has existed for years. But Serial has ignited new interest for sponsoring podcasts, while new technology is promising programmatic-style ad-buying and targeting in streaming music and radio. While […]


Time For Data To Fuel Creativity, Maxus’ Pattison Says

After a flurry during which the “maths men” seemed to be usurping the “mad men”, every ad-tech exec these days takes pains to promise that programmatic can propel creative marketer messages. But one ad woman says that isn’t happening – now, according to the Maxus Global agency’s CEO Lindsay Pattison, it is time to finally unite […]


Cannes Greets Entertainment Producers With Dedicated Festival

LONDON — Over the last few years, more and more broadcasters, movie, game and music studios have been flocking to Cannes Lions, the upcoming festival more commonly known for being a celebration of advertising creativity. Well, now advertising and entertainment are blurring in to branded content – so Cannes’ Lions organisers have met demand for a […]


Targeted Ads Need Standards for Creativity, GroupM’ Tilds

The technology behind targeted media has developed robustly, but the creative side still needs work. However, that’s poised to change as the industry works on evolving standards for creative and technology within ads, says Cary Tilds, Chief Innovation Officer at GroupM in an interview with Beet.TV. “The standards [for targeted ads] that we are developing are around […]


Magna Global’s Cohen: Old And New Media Mingle At Cannes For Shared Learning

This year’s Cannes Lions International gathering poses a unique juxtaposition, says Magna Global’s David Cohen. Traditional media companies will be showing how they can compete with the latest hot digital offerings and the latter group will be trying to learn something from the legacy media folks. “There are traditional companies that are thinking about their […]


Moat CEO Goodhart: Industry Stuck On Measuring Impressions

Flush with $50 million in Series C funding, Moat has taken on the lofty goal of creating an accepted currency for digital advertising because it believes the industry is stuck on measuring viewer impressions. To Jonah Goodhart, co-founder and CEO of the Web media analytics company best known for tracking viewability of digital ads, “human” […]


Data-Driven Creative ‘Pure Magic’ To Nielsen Exec And Cannes Judge Zagorski

Using data to inform consumer advertising targeting decisions without breakthrough creative is a waste of time, but bringing the two together is “pure magic,” according to the managing director of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud. Mark Zagorski is about to find out just how magical data-driven creative can be, as he’s been selected to be a […]


More Mobile Browsers Will Block Ads By Default: Sourcepoint’s Barokas

For anyone who thought mobile ad blocking was a minority sport, last week’s new PageFair report about ad blocking on the mobile web was a shot across the bow. Drawing from a range of data sources, it claimed 22% of smartphone users globally are blocking mobile web ads, the vast majority using mobile browsers that block by […]


Hulu Favors Consumer Choice Over Commercial Overload

In Hulu’s worldview, viewers don’t necessarily universally dislike advertising. You just have to be smart with your commercial load, give them a value proposition with regard to ads and let them choose for themselves. “I think restraint is a good business model when it comes to advertising load,” says Peter Naylor, the company’s SVP of […]


Fox’s Marchese: Immersive TV Ads Can Fix The ‘Social Contract’ With Viewers

Doing more with less has long been a corporate mantra. Fox TV hopes to bring this concept to television with consumer-selected immersive and interactive ads and, in the process, “reset” the relationship between consumers and advertising. “We call them engagement ads because we know people are engaged with them, which I believe is the goal […]


Calling Viewability ‘Table Stakes,’ Carat’s Ray Seeks Stronger Standards

The emergence of data-driven media decisions mirrors an ongoing shift within media agencies as they evolve from channel experts to audience experts. Meanwhile, the Cannes advertising festival continues to morph beyond a celebration of advertising creativity. “Over the last couple of years it’s really become much more than that,” observes Doug Ray, CEO of media […]


GroupM Buying Lots Of Feed-Based Video As It Examines Effectiveness Measures

Noting that video advertising environments like Facebook and Snapchat were “sort of the belle of the ball” at Cannes last year, GroupM’s Rob Norman has a whimsical suggestion for the 2016 festival. Let entries be judged on small, hand-held screens. “Maybe everyone should be given a cell phone and made to consume all of the […]


Performance Metrics Rising In Cannes Criteria: Nielsen’s Hohman

Although the company’s Total Audience Measurement data won’t be a factor this year at the Cannes advertising awards, Nielsen expects to hear more conversations about performance metrics and their use in judging awards entries. This is not to say that things like great creative, direction and cinematography have been pushed to the background, according to […]


For Havas’ Kinsella, TV Is Back And Digital Must Prove Brand-Building Prowess

While rarely a month goes by without headlines trumpeting the decline of traditional television networks and their programming, count as a decided naysayer Colin Kinsella, who recently took over as President of Havas Media North America. On the heels of the 2016 Upfront TV negotiating season, “I think this year feels like the return of […]


MediaCom’s McGlashan On The ‘Progressively Exciting’ Nexus of Creativity, Technology

LONDON — What do convincing men in India to share laundry duty and selling premium headphones and speakers have in common? To MediaCom, they were opportunities to leverage technology and consumer data to inform both creative executions and content creation for major brands. In the walkup to the Cannes advertising awards celebration later this month, […]

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