The technology behind targeted media has developed robustly, but the creative side still needs work. However, that’s poised to change as the industry works on evolving standards for creative and technology within ads, says Cary Tilds, Chief Innovation Officer at GroupM in an interview with Beet.TV.

“The standards [for targeted ads] that we are developing are around IAB’s ‘rising stars’ ads. We’re thinking about the ads not being in a box, but in terms of components — components of creativity, of delivery and maybe of a ratio. It’s about each individual asset within an ad as standing alone, and being able optimize when an asset goes to a consumer and if it resonated. We haven’t had any standards around this yet,” Tilds says to Beet.TV.

Standards in this area will better set up the digital media future for things like artificial intelligence and making ad creativity a bit more programmatic in some ways, she says.

Other opportunities on the interactive ad front lie in shoppable and buyable ads. “We have talked about video as a way in which we can interact and you don’t have to leave the environment of an ad to try a different color or price, and evolving that too in the near future so you can buy within the ad.” But to reach that future in ads requires shifts in industry standards, ad serving, and media and planning for such experiences, she says.

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