Marketing Veteran Bitterman: Advertiser ‘Flight To Safety’ Benefits Facebook And Google

CANNES – Marketing veteran Jordan Bitterman sees a “flight to safety” delivering advertiser dollars to places like Facebook and Google as marketers try to avoid ad fraud and other problems within the digisphere. He believes this, in turn, could have the longer-term effect of prompting other digital properties to make themselves brand-safe. Bitterman, whose career includes full-service […]


Data-Driven ESPN, NBCU And Turner Were Upfront Standouts: BOA’s Paskalis

CANNES – At the end of this year’s television Upfront presentations, Lou Paskalis sensed a “digital divide” between media sellers. He credits ESPN, NBCUniversal and Turner for having making data an integral part their value propositions by virtue of the data pedigrees of their executives. In an interview with Beet.TV, the SVP of Global Communications, […]


The Growing Presence of Legacy Companies at Cannes: MediaLink’s Homonoff

CANNES – Cannes Lions wasn’t always a stop on the annual tour for legacy media companies. But that’s been changing. “Increasingly over time, this is really where the advertising industry, technology industry surrounding advertising brands and media are coming together,” says Howard Homonoff, SVP at MediaLink. Part of their challenge is creating these different types of […]


A Fifth Of FreeWheel Ads On Set-Top Box VOD, VP Smith Says

CANNES — Talking about the imperative to deliver and measure ads across platforms is one thing, doing it is another. Digital video ad-tech outfit FreeWheel says it sees a “tipping point” coming after the recent US TV upfronts season saw a range of new formats and techniques debut. But it is already seeing a march from traditional desktop internet […]


“We’re In A Golden Age of Television”: MediaLink’s Spangenberg

CANNES – I think it’s fair to say we’re in a golden age of television,” says Karl Spangenberg, SVP at powerhouse consultancy MediaLink. Beet.TV spoke with him during Cannes Lions. While user-generated content has driven audiences, it’s also created concern on the part of traditional television. But,  Spangenberg says, traditional TV is once again at […]


Simulmedia + Neustar: Linear TV Reach, Digital Performance And Targeting

CANNES – As the North Star has been to navigation, television-targeting firm Simulmedia sees its partnership with Neustar as the most direct route to finding specific audiences on linear TV. Providing closed-loop activation and measurement of ad campaigns, the Neustar deal is designed to optimize brand marketers’ “most precious asset”—their first party data, according to […]


TV Companies ‘Catching Up To Advertisers’ For Ad-Tech, Videology’s Jamboretz

CANNES — Buyers first, sellers second – that’s how the adoption of technology inside the world of TV advertising has rolled. But now broadcasters have caught up, and are beginning to use software to manage the ad-trading process, too. “The agency and the brand side of the business woke up and embraced programmatic technologies as well as […]


IBM’s Global iX Unit: 30 Business Design Studios Enlightened By Watson

CANNES – When Canada’s Toronto Raptors basketball organization wanted to revamp the way it drafts players, it was elementary to turn to IBM. That’s because Watson helped the team analyze the social media engagement of potential draftees. Specifically, the Raptors chose IBM iX, a unit that stands for Interactive Experience, has grown from 10 to […]


StickyADS Levels-Up FreeWheel’s ‘Full-Stack’ Ambitions

CANNES – It is just two months now since Comcast-owned video ad-tech enabler FreeWheel acquired France-based TV ad-tech platform StickyADS, as it looked to extend its US digital ad expertise in to European TV. We have heard lots about the complementarity of the two companies. But what does the deal mean for existing and new customers of the […]


Broadcasters Want To Take Back Control, StickyADS’ CEO Sees

CANNES –  With numbers this big, it’s no wonder ad-tech vendors re vying to turn even the traditional media space programmatic. “Worldwide, (advertising) is $170bn, in the US it’s $77bn,” according to Herve Brunet, CEO and co-founder of StickyADS, one TV ad-tech vendor recently acquired by another. “The linear side of TV is eventually going to […]


Even With Big Gains, Bots And Non-Human Traffic A ‘Constant Worry’: Havas’ Delport

CANNES – Even though the Havas trading desk has reduced bot and non-human traffic for its clients’ advertising campaigns to under 5%, it’s “a constant worry” to Dominique Delport. The Global Managing Director of Havas Media Group believes the online advertising paradigm has to be completely re-shifted. “I think enough is enough for consumers,” Delport […]


Cannes 2016: Moguls, Convergence and Big Deals, says MediaLink’s Millard

CANNES –  This year’s Cannes Lions was notable for its deal making and the formation of “serious” partnerships, says Wenda Harria Millard, COO of the powerhouse consultancy MediaLink, in this interview with Beet.TV She says it was “different” this year as many of the most of the media “moguls” descended on the French Riviera — […]


‘We Don’t Believe In Standalone SSPs’: Ooyala’s Braley

CANNES — A couple of years back, video ad-tech outfit Ooyala acquired peer Videoplaza to combine geographic footprints and technological capabilities in a single company. Now the joined-up outfit is going to market. “We have invested in the ad-tech business since acquiring Videoplaza a couple of years ago,” Ooyala programmatic GM Scott Braley tells Beet.TV on the company’s first […]


ANA Report a Wake-Up Call for Marketers, Paskalis

CANNES — Marketers need to define their agency relationships clearly, outlining the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, and address any gaps in expectations, says Lou Paskalis, Senior VP, Enterprise Media Executive at Bank of America, in this interview with Beet.TV. He spoke about the recent Association of National Advertisers’ report on kickbacks. He serves on the transparency committee at the […]


Havas ‘Wakes Up’ To Ad Blocking With Hope For Product Placement

CANNES — The advertising industry is in a kind of crisis. Around the world, repeat surveys indicating high and growing use of ad blocking software are spooking the media industry. Marketing agency Havas Media Group is amongst those wary of the new reality. “Advertising is less and less acceptable for many consumers,” Havas Media Group global MD […]


Eyeview’s $21.5mn Boosts Push For ‘Outcome-Based Marketing’

CANNES — Video ad tech vendor Eyeview is now up to $58m in funding across six rounds, after it took a $21.5m series D round from an investor in its native Israel this month. Qumra Capital is a new investor addition to the line-up. Eyeview says it will use the funding to further invest in its sales, […]


Spotify Offers Listener ‘Intimacy’ For Brands, Tour Planning For Artists

CANNES – Spotify wants brands to get intimate with its listeners, because it knows what they are feeling. Artists, meanwhile, can drop in anytime and check out the geographic popularity of their labors. In an interview with Beet.TV at the Cannes Lions festival, where Spotify had a major presence on several panels, Head of Sales […]


To Nielsen’s Feigenson, It’s All About Balancing Ad Formats And Mix

CANNES – Amid much soul searching about reducing ad loads to better engage viewers, brand marketers face a fundamental balancing act: formats and advertising mix, according to Andrew Feigenson, Managing Director of Digital for Nielsen. Indeed, total audience planning and measurement will be a major topic as the global company convenes its annual Nielsen Consumer […]


Brand Stories Connect Data, Content & Desire: Publicis’ Jacob

CANNES — Programmatic is fine – but the programmatic revolution may already have happened. Next up? Back to storytelling. That’s what a growing number of advertising execs say. One of them is Iain Jacob, the Chief Executive Officer, EMEA for Publicis Media .”A lot of ad-tech to date has been about optimization, improving efficiencies and automation,” […]