CANNES – Spotify wants brands to get intimate with its listeners, because it knows what they are feeling. Artists, meanwhile, can drop in anytime and check out the geographic popularity of their labors.

In an interview with Beet.TV at the Cannes Lions festival, where Spotify had a major presence on several panels, Head of Sales for the Americas Liberty Carras Kelly cites the company’s Sponsored Playlists as the latest opportunity for audio engagement. Data collected by Spotify provide clues as to listeners’ moods and what they’re doing—be it running, or cooking, working out or whatever.

“We curate over 400 different playlists all around those moments,” Kelly says of Sponsored Playlists. “We encourage brands to come in and find the right audience and own 100 percent of that experience end to end across that entire playlist.”

Playlists like Rap Caviar and Hot Country are reaching over three million listeners every month. “From an advertiser perspective, we’re helping connect brands with really the most intimate experience that our listeners have with Spotify,” Kelly says.

Spotify also informs artists on where those listeners are. They can log in at any time to the company’s platform and see in real time how many streams are being played, where they’re being streamed, how frequently they’re being streamed and what’s been popular.

“This is important because it’s helping inform artists on where they should schedule tours and appearances,” Kelly says.