CANNES – Amid much soul searching about reducing ad loads to better engage viewers, brand marketers face a fundamental balancing act: formats and advertising mix, according to Andrew Feigenson, Managing Director of Digital for Nielsen.

Indeed, total audience planning and measurement will be a major topic as the global company convenes its annual Nielsen Consumer 360 conference in Las Vegas, where Beet.TV has an on-site reporting presence.

“Total audience will be a big one for us,” Feigenson says in an interview with Beet.TV at Cannes Lions.

Among recent studies, Nielsen paired with a media company to examine video binge viewing and brand sponsorships. “If you’re a sponsor and you’re paying a media company on a CPM you’re forcing that media company to run your ad all the way through a binge viewing environment,” Feigenson explains. “In some cases, that actually leads to lower performance.”

One interesting aspect to video on demand is that it’s easier to measure in the digital environment than it is in a TV environment “because we just have much larger scale of data when you look digitally,” Feigenson says. “The scale of the VOD campaigns right now is not the same as what you get with a typical ad buy.”

This not for want of metrics. “The metrics are there. It’s about scale,” says Feigenson.

His view of the addressable TV advertising evolution is composed of three stages: automation, making more informed buying decisions with deeper data and “your truly dynamically inserted ad environment,” which is a small piece of the market right now. “Most of what we’re seeing is the automation, and then taking indices of various different purchasing behaviors and behavioral data, putting it on top of television ratings and buying that way,” Feigenson says.

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