CANNES — A couple of years back, video ad-tech outfit Ooyala acquired peer Videoplaza to combine geographic footprints and technological capabilities in a single company. Now the joined-up outfit is going to market.
“We have invested in the ad-tech business since acquiring Videoplaza a couple of years ago,” Ooyala programmatic GM Scott Braley tells Beet.TV on the company’s first visit to Cannes Lions.

“We are now announcing our roll-out of our new platform – we are piloting the holistic ad server for video – which comprises the integration of SSP-type capabilities natively within the video ad server.”

Why holistic? “We don’t believe, philosophically, in the standalone SSP. We see that as just a glorified network,” Braley adds.

He claims around 40% of European broadcasters are using his platform – so where will growth come from?

Braley aims to cross-sell the holistic platform to existing Ooyala as well as seeking out new customers.

“We expect there to be net new-prospect customers as well,” he adds. “Some premium, ex-LiveRail customers are now urgently looking for a new home.”